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~cF~CletusTheYokel [1630227]Reply | Quote | Report

Posted on Mon May 27, 2013 21:42:07
Having just read all 5 pages of this thread I feel the need to make the following comment. Pages 1 and 2 were very enlightening there was almost an actual discussion on a very trendy topic. Sadly the last 3 pages degenerated into what almost every Torn forum thread ends up, asshats throwing insults at each other. Instead of bitching about the problem why not have a frank and rational discussion working toward a viable solution?

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HYFNinja29 [1198956]Reply | Quote | Report

Posted on Mon May 27, 2013 21:48:29
What i don't get is why the f*** do people bump up old threads.

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V1X3N [1669002]Reply | Quote | Report

Posted on Mon May 27, 2013 22:55:31
By CravenTHC [1569996]
By V1X3N [1669002]
People should not be judged for playing the game their way. As long as it is within the perimeters of the rules. Whether scamming should be legal or not is a moot point. At this moment, scamming is legal, and is a perfectly legitimate method to playing the game.

I have neither the time or energy to get into the heart of this discussion, but this in particular made me hesitate. Scamming was illegal at one point, and there are perfectly legitimate arguments on both sides. Most of us that disagree with scamming agree that if faction scamming were somehow fixed it would do a great deal to protect otherwise ignorant players. Saying the argument is moot is almost as bad as HOLYTOLEDO declaring that anybody that doesn't agree with him is an idiot. Both sides should at least be open to hearing the other side of the argument.

2 months later...

Way to take a sentence out of context. The fact that I said that in that particular paragraph meant that it was to do with that part of my post. I was talking about people being called to the lowest of lows over how they played the game. Scamming is legal right now. Regardless of whether you or I think it should be outlawed does not matter when it comes to someone playing within the rules.

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