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Thread created on Sun Dec 09, 2012 16:27:51
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Hey guys,
Its that time of year again. There will be a Hamster giveaway taking place in the #freebies IRC channel on the 22nd of December (Saturday) starting at 11:30am TCT. For those of you that havent visited a Hamster giveaway previously, its a giveaway that lasts the better part of 24 hours. All items are provided by the NPC The_Hamster [50] (Where cheaters that have been deleted items are sent). They are always massive giveaways with billions given away through various methods. We hope that youre able to join us, and apologies to that that wont be able to attend.

If you dont know how to join IRC, heres a couple of methods:

Click Chat on the sidebar and click 'Join IRC' or visit this link:, input your name and click connect. Once connected, you can type /join #channel to join a channel. (Please note, you can also use /list to view a list of channels.)

Visit - on the IRC client select your name and click connect. This will automatically join you to the channel.

Download mIRC and configure that to join port:6667 accordingly. Information for this can be found here:

Please note. if youre a new user to IRC, youre likely going to have to add your ID to the bots. You can do this by typing: !addid YourIDNumber
You can find your ID by going to your profile and then seeing the digits after your username. So, for example, I would have to type: !addid 285221

If you require any assistance with connecting IRC, feel free to contact any staff member and we will assist you with connecting. If you have successfully connected to IRC and have a few queries, feel free to join #IRChelp and we will assist you to our best ability.

Please note that all bans in the channel will be removed for this event.
We hope to see you there!


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