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Thread created on Sat Sep 15, 2012 05:34:26
Last replied to on Sat Sep 15, 2012 18:08:54
To start i have been asked to answer the below questions, at the end i will detail my issue.

In the time of filing this report my "issue" seems to have been rectified, i think it may have been isp issue, but i will file anyway in the interest of fixing a possible future error. Another person from my city on the same isp has the same issue and now they can also log into Torn.

1) Are you using Full or Mobile Torn and do you notice any difference between the two?

Full Torn

2) What country are you in?


3) What is your ISP? E.g. Virgin / BT

Virgin Mobile (dongle)...and Vodafone Mobile (dongle)

4) What form of internet connection do you have? E.g. Fiber optic 20meg / DSL 10meg

Wireless dongle i.e. mobile internet

5) How long have you left the window you are using Torn in up for?

i had not left it up i tried to log on first thing this morning and get page unavailable on my pc (virgin)

i get a blank screen on my laptop (vodafone)

6) What browser are you using, and have you tried any others?

Firefox, and yes i have tried Chrome and Internet Explorer

7) When was the last time you fully restarted your computer / switched it off / on?

I logged off last night approx 8pm QLD Australia time and tried to log on today at approx 9:30am QLD Australia time.

8) Do you find slowness / lag on any other websites?

All other sites load with no issues at all.

9) How many seconds does take to completely load for you?

This is not a lag issue but i tried and it takes 15secs approx which is normal for mobile internet as it is always slow.

10) How many seconds does take to completely load for you?

Same as above but ill try it - 8 secs approx and this is also normal for my internet.

11) What server are you on?

Right now i am using a proxy as i could not log onto torn at all hence this report the server is Sat 6:00:24 AM 15/09/12
Connected to:
Pride (7)

12) Have you had similar lag on other servers?

Not a lag issue

13) What is the average speed of each page load?

approx 4 secs but this is normal.

14) Do any pages lag more than others?

It is mobile internet but slots and stuff always do and i assume its cause of my crap net speed.

15) Does the whole site lag constantly, or are there just short bursts of lag?

It "lags" all the time but does get worse sometimes and i have had to get used to it due to my mobile net.

16) Are other people reporting similar lag at the same time?

I don't know this is not a lag issue as i always have lag with this net.

17) How long have you had this lag for and since when?

See above.

18) Are you able to record a video of the lag you are receiving?

No i am not able to do that.

19) Please go to and publish the results in here. You should be able to include the image using bbcode.

I don't have broadband internet but used the speedtest and i get Ping 146ms D/L speed 3.14Mbps U/L speed 0.35 Mbps Second test Ping 140ms D/L 2.94Mbps and U/L 0.35

20) Is there any other information that you think may help us in our investigation?

My issue is that i cannot load at all ( well i could not but in the time i was posting this bug i tried again and it is now working, i logged off the proxy and tried to login and its fine now).

A second person also had the same issue and we both use Virgin as ISP.

Every other web page would load with no problem at all the difference between the two of us was he got a blank screen where as i could not load torn at all it would keep saying website not available. I went into help and was told to clear cache and temp files which i did at least 5-6 times, and i also cleared DNS cache 5-6 times. I restarted my PC 3 times which in turn restarted my dongle or internet as i don't technically have a router to restart. This was on my PC with Virgin and Windows 2002 Home Edition.

On my laptop with Vodafone i got a blank screen, it said was loaded but i had a total blank screen and nothing i did would make it otherwise. I als0 cleared caches in the laptop which uses windows 7 to no avail and restarted it several times. Nothing would work.

To initially file this report i was using a proxy server from as i had not logged in for 13hrs and was getting quite agitated with not being able to train or anything and felt the only option i had was a proxy. It was cleared by a staff member although i was advised in #help irc that it was not recommended although not illegal. I only logged onto torn on the proxy once i was told that it was not illegal, and i don't plan on using it again as i don't have a need for it.

If there is anything else required from me please mail or chat and i am almost always on irc also shaknor 1592807.

Thank you

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Posted on Sat Sep 15, 2012 14:45:05
Can you please add this info to the lagreport?


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DBshaknor [1592807]Reply | Quote | Report

Posted on Sat Sep 15, 2012 18:08:54
I got told to start a new one

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