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Thread created on Wed Aug 29, 2012 23:13:23
Last replied to on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:52:28
1. Laying hidden upon a rooftop, Misiu78 sets up their sniper rifle. This contract has a hefty reward.
2. On the streets below, Griffon4 and ForkingPawn wait with their engines running.
3. The Senator approaches with his motorcade. PannenKoek radios in the team to prepare.
4. Griffon4 drives a truck across in front of the convoy. The Mayor's car tries to backtrack but ForkingPawn quickly blocks its escape.
5. With a stationary target Misiu78 steadies the rifle, and lines the crosshair up with the Mayor's head.
6. BANG! One shot is fired, the bullet pierces the front window and enters the Mayor's head. His body slumps lifelessly.
7. The team quickly evacuates during the mass confusion. A payment of $200,000,000 from a mysterious source is later finalized.

This is a result from a successful Political Assassination OC, the words highlighted above illustrate the problem, there is inconsistency between the target, it switches between Senator and Mayor

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0

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Posted on Thu Aug 30, 2012 00:51:27

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0

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Posted on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:52:28
Fixed thanks.

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