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Thread created on Wed Apr 18, 2012 07:25:29
Last replied to on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:32:43
I don't know if any of you (All TC Players) have had this happen, but it's happened to me several times before and in different Countries. The BUG is this, I attack a person to go MUG them. Whack them down to 0 lifepoints then go to hit the MUG button (MUG $$$$$ or empty wallet coming right?). As soon as I hit MUG, a message appears from TC saying (IDs don't match or attack over already), NO MUG $$$$$, NOT an empty wallet either. TC seems to recognize that I DID do an attack as I was graciously deducted either 50 E or 25 E (Vicodin) however No reward (MUG) as it's suppose to be.

FOR ALL YOU NAYSAYERS this BUG Exists and is True as above ... so leave this BUG Open or Confirm as True please, and next time it happens I'll post a Screenshot as proof of BUG as well!

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0

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Posted on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:32:43
By Chedburn [1]
This is a technical issue which can't be fixed easily. We'll wait for the new attacking engine to come out.

Make sure that when you attack that:

- you let the page load fully
- dont double click a weapon
- dont double [attack] from your warbase
- have no other tabs open

And make sure that your browser doesnt register clicks as doubleclicks.

Chrome and FireFox have a big tendency to do this. When this happens, you need to clear your cache and tempfiles, or switch browsers.

Forum Main>>Bugs & Issues>> Attack Bug + Loss of Energy
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