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Elminster [1280215]Reply | Quote | Report

Thread created on Fri Mar 02, 2012 23:04:50
Last replied to on Fri Mar 02, 2012 23:10:07
I already see BIG Issue(s) with limited Stock of items in particular in any Overseas Merchant Shop. Here are the reason(s) why it's a problem.

1. You take the time (+ airfare) to travel to a destination to buy a particular item (OR anything for that matter) and arrive to find the Merchants there have nothing to sell (because Stocked items already sold to previous arrivals)

2. Problem(s) stemming from above issue are that these items are now Obsolete and/or Less Effective, Any Suitcase for carrying extra items, Faction Cumber Upgrade, PI with Airstrip (+ 10 items), WLT Stock Benefit (Item Capacity).

Is there any REAL reason to limit Stock in Overseas Merchant Shops? I mean there's already a practical limit of how much time it takes to travel everywhere already and thus anyone is limited to how much items they can buy in any 1 Day because of this.

Post note, main reason I bring up this is everybody who has forked up a LOT of $$$$$ for Travel / Items advantage(s) now find any or all those investments as Useless (essentially). Cheers Elminster

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UNTGorgonzola [1300528]Reply | Quote | Report

Posted on Fri Mar 02, 2012 23:09:06
F5 refresh getting hammered results in connection reset errors. There is no other way to find out when the item you want will be available. Not sure this is the right forum to raise this though.

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eVÝChaos_Greg [46203]Reply | Quote | Report

Posted on Fri Mar 02, 2012 23:10:07
It's intentional and well discussed.
You will have to buy something else instead if you really want to buy items oversea.
You can also just wait for the stock to fill again which can take some time. How long will be unknown.
It adds to the rarity of items in the game.

This is a brand new update, you, me, coders alike have NO idea how stock amount of restock will pan out, and I can assure you, that if changes needs to be made, they'll be done. They are not there to destroy the game, but to make it more interesting.

2 - these issues will not occur if you started taking a plane AFTER the update, if you took the plane before the update, you'll get to buy 5 items. This was announced too.

This is not an issue, everything you see is intentional or already explained.


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