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JD_Rockefeller [1553573]Reply | Quote | Report

Thread created on Tue Dec 27, 2011 23:38:36
Last replied to on Tue Dec 27, 2011 23:55:25
The following is a little correspondence i had with 787thWarDog. He couldn't help so i figured to bring it here and see if anyone knew how to help solve my problem.

I am having an issue with uploading comic strip images at the specific dimensions of 600x200, i have formatted the files twice, and used different programs to resize the images, but to no avail, they are still uploaded wrong. I use google chrome for my browser.
I have uploaded 4 comics so far and would like to submit them to the newspaper for publishing.
Can you help, or direct my message to the person in charge of the comic strip to help me with my problem?

787thWarDog says: This is what I was told to say
Have them double check to make sure they are within the guidelines for submitting (visible in the newspaper section for comix) and if having probls still to log out and clear cookies and try again

I have done as told. Logged out and emptied cached and deleted cookies and reloaded browser, reuploaded the images, and they are still being altered at the uploading to the new dimensions of 720x240, from the original dimension size of 600x200

787thWarDog says: I know nobody else but Ched and he don't answer his mails much >.< try HotDamn he may know
*Current message you are reading*

**In addition: i even downloaded PIXResizer and resized and went through all the steps mentioned above to no avail.

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Posted on Tue Dec 27, 2011 23:55:25
Submit your own comic and earn 250 points if it is selected! For your comic to be selected, it must look professional, be Torn City related, be the correct dimensions (650x200) and be your own work. Submitting work which was not done by yourself will result in Federal Jail time.

I'm assuming your problem here is the lack of 50 pixels?

Forum Main>>Bugs & Issues>> Image upload issue
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