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Thread created on Sun Dec 11, 2011 21:27:18
Last replied to on Sun Dec 11, 2011 22:09:47
Before i started attacking i used my vicodin, to get the chain started with the faction.
I got the message that i popped it and no overdose occured.

At 11/12/11 8:17:23 PM i did my first attack in the chain and noticed that 50 Energy was taken instead of 25 Energy. The second attack i did took 25 Energy so i surely didnt OD.

I didnt had any other Torn channels open, didnt pressed the back button on the attack page.

What went wrong?

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Posted on Sun Dec 11, 2011 22:09:47
By Chedburn [1]
This is a technical issue which can't be fixed easily. We'll wait for the new attacking engine to come out.

Make sure that when you attack that:

- you let the page load fully
- dont double click a weapon
- dont double [attack] from your warbase
- have no other tabs open

And make sure that your browser doesnt register clicks as doubleclicks.

Chrome and FireFox have a big tendency to do this. When this happens, you need to clear your cache and tempfiles, or switch browsers.

Forum Main>>Bugs & Issues>> Attacking problem, missing Energy
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