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Thread created on Sat May 01, 2010 06:47:42
Last replied to on Sun May 16, 2010 11:02:21
Hey everyone, I have noticed that our IRC how to is quite old and out dated. So I am hosting a competition for some of our more informed irc users to create a new how to, which is helpful and informative all while having the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Grand Prize: Your How To posted as a sticky in the IRC Forum and $100,000,000 in Torn Cash.

In addition 5 runner ups will receive $10,000,000 in Torn cash for their effort.

The winner and runner ups will be chosen by the IRC Staff based on overall quality, readability, and helpfulness You can be as in depth as you want but make sure it is easy to read and follow for people who are new to mirc and irc in general.

To submit your how to please just post it as a reply to this thread. Please only post how to submissions in this thread as it does not need to receive bumps as this thread is a sticky. All post which are not how to submission will be deleted.

The competition ends on May 15th so have fun and good luck.

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Posted on Sat May 01, 2010 14:39:37
IRC How To....

This is a basic guide which covers most of the FAQs we get in IRC. If you can't find what you're looking for on the list ask in #irchelp. If your question is one which could be useful I will add it to the list

To find the answer to your problem simply look at the number next to the related problem in the list below and then locate that number further down the page where you will find the solution.

How to...
1. Connect to IRC
1a. Using Torn IRC
1b. Using mIRC
1c. Using Mibbit
2. Join a channel
3. Register your name
4. Login to your name (after it's registered)
5. Change your password
6. Change your name & "group" it
7. Ignore & unignore someone
8. View channels you have "staff" in
9. Get yourself a vHost
10. Create a channel
11. Get a bot for your channel
12. Manage channel "staff" (using access list)
13. Manage channel "staff" (using modes)
14. Change channel topic or "description" as some people refer to it as
15. Use color in your topic or your text
16. Kick & Ban a user
17. View IRC Staff
18. Use other channel modes correctly
19. Add channels to the "autojoin" list
20. Private message someone

[ 1 ] How to connect to IRC
You can connect to IRC in three easy ways. Using Torn's inbuilt chat page, using mibbit or downloading mIRC which is a piece of software which allows you to connect to chat servers.

[ 1a ] How to connect to IRC using Torn IRC
If you want to use Torn's inbuilt chat (recommended for beginners) click the 'Chat' link on the page menu and then click IRC when given the option. Follow the links through accepting the terms and conditions and when faced with a box saying Nickname, that is simply the name you will be known as in the chat room. You can change it if you wish. Then click 'Login'.

[ 1b ] How to connect to IRC using mIRC
If you want to use mIRC simply follow the 12 step process below:

1. Go to this URL for a direct download of the latest version of mIRC (6.35):

2. Once downloaded, click the installer and follow it through like any other software installation.

3. After the product is installed, locate the mIRC icon on the desktop or in the start menu and click it. The program will then load and you will be faced with a screen like below:


4. mIRC claims to have a 30 day trial period, however you NEVER have to pay. The software is completely free. Just click continue and another box will appear telling you about the owner of mIRC. Click continue here also.

5. You will then be faced with the mIRC options box. Fill out the Full Name, Email Address and Nickname with your ingame name. In the alternative box enter another name just incase someone is using your name already. After you've done this it should look like so:


6. Do NOT click "ok" yet. On the left column click "Servers". This will bring up a new panel of options with a server list. Torn's server is not on this list so we need to add it. Click Add and another box will appear titled "Add Server". Fill it in with the credentials shown below and click "Add":


7. Torn appears at the bottom of the server list now. Simply click the "Sort" button to arrange the server list in alphabetical order.


8. It's still not time to click "ok". On the left menu column again click "Options". You may have different personal preferences to me, however the options I have ticked I recommend (especially Connect on startup!). Most are already ticked by default. The highlighted perform button may be of use to you later on once you are connected to the server and have registered a nickname.


9. Finally on the left hand menu again, click the actual text reading "IRC" as shown below. Again another options panel and again most of these options are ticked by default. The ones I have ticked are recommended.


10. You can now click ok. You will see the white area is divided into two sections. A scrollable section and a small rectangular text box underneath. The rectangular text box is where you do all your typing, the larger area above is where you do all the reading. Type into the text box the line I have below and then press Enter:


11. You are now connected to Torn IRC. Another popup would have appeared titled "mIRC Favourites". I personally don't use this because I see no use, therefore I disable it by unticking both the options highlighted below. I recommend you do the same and then click "Ok" on that popup. You will never see that box again.


12. Follow through the rest of the tutorial to familiarise yourself with the rest of the IRC commands enabling you to join channels and chat with your friends and the rest of Torn! Every time you load mIRC from then onwards you should automatically connect to Torn IRC (if you ticked Connect on startup earlier!) every time the program loads so you can instantly start chatting.

[ 1c ] How to connect to IRC using mibbit

1. Go to

2. You will see a green button on the left hand side of the page reading "Launch Mibbit WebChat". Click this.

3. You will then be faced with a form with various options. Firstly, click "server" as circled in red. Then type in the server address as I have below. Your nick is your game name and the channel you preferably want to join is #Lobby. The options crossed out with red you can ignore.


4. After you've done this, click "Go". It should automatically connect you to Torn IRC and direct you to the #Lobby room where you can chat to the rest of Torn


[ 2 ] How to join a channel
If you know the channel you want to join you can simply type the command below in the area where you would usually speak.

/join #channel

/join #lobby

You can view a list of channels you might be interested in by typing:


...and then double clicking the channel name which you wish to join. Channels are ordered by popularity, so the channels at the top are the most used.

[ 3 ] How to register your name
The purpose for registering your name is so others can't use it and it also allows you to create channels etc.
To register your name type the following.

/nickserv register (password) (email)

/nickserv register abc123

Note your email should be VALID and your password secure...An email will be sent to your address upon registering with further instructions.

[ 4 ] How to login to your name (after it's registered)
After registering your name, when you connect to IRC next time you will be prompted to "identify your nick". This is so the server recognises that it is you and not someone else trying to use your name. Therefore you must login with the password you registered the name with.

/identify (password)

/identify abc123

[ 5 ] How to change your password
Firstly to be able to change your password, you must know your old password and be logged in to your name. If you don't know your password connect to IRC and join #irchelp where an IRC Op will resend it to the email address you registered your name with. To change your password type the following:

/nickserv set password (newpassword)

/nickserv set password 123abc

Note: password is the command, not your current password

[ 6 ] How to change your name & "group" it
You can change your name by typing this command:

/nick (newnick)

/nick Teddy

This will be confirmed by a message shown in the channel which will say something like...

* SuperTed is now known as Teddy

If you already have a registered name, you can group your new name and your old name together so you dont have to register your new one. Here is the command to do so:

/nickserv group (registerdnick) (regdpassword)

/nickserv group SuperTed abc123

In the example above, I have grouped my new nick 'Teddy' to my old nick, 'SuperTed' using SuperTed's password. Now my Teddy name is registered and I can login using the same password as I would for SuperTed.

[ 7 ] How to ignore & unignore someone
Type either of the following

/ignore (nick)

/ignore Teddy ignore someone. This will be confirmed with the message
* Now ignoring Teddy

/ignore -r (nick)

/ignore -r Teddy unignore someone. This will be confirmed with the message
* Teddy removed from ignore list

[ 8 ] How to view channels you have "staff" in
Simply type...

/ns alist

This will bring up the access list for your nick, displaying all the channels you are staff in.

[ 9 ] How to get yourself a vHost
A vhost is a personalised hostname which diguises your real hostname.
For example:
Teddy is yes.i.@m.a.smartass

This is my own personal vHost

To request one simply type

/hs request (word@word1.word2.word3)

/hs request yes.i.@m.a.smartass

Your vhost will then be activated whenever you login to your nick

Aslong as words are separated by dots and you have a @ simple in there it should work, if not come to #IRCHelp request assistance.

[ 10 ] How to create a channel
Firstly, join the channel using the Join Command [ 2 ]. You must have a registered name before you can create a channel [ 3 ]. If you've done all of this you can now register your channel...

/chanserv register #channelname (password) (description)

/chanserv register #TeddysRoom xyz789 For Teddys Friends

xyz789 being the password
For Teddys Friends being the description

[ 11 ] How to get a bot for your channel
There are two types of bot. A scripted bot and a service bot. A scripted bot will be ones that give you ID's of players etc, a service bot will moderate the channel by kicking users for various offences such as using capslock or bold.

[color=orange]If you want a scripted bot, you'll have to advertise in the forum or you can join a channel on IRC called #scripting where various bot owners and scripters will be willing to assist you. Furthermore you can check out #scripting's forum thread: get a service bot you can type the following:

/bs botlist
will give you a list of bots to choose from.
/bs assign (channel) (botname) will make the bot join your channel.
/bs assign #TeddysRoom Director

/bs help will help you configure your bot.

You must be channel owner to assign a bot

[ 12 ] How to manage channel "staff" (using access list)
By adding a user to your channel's access list you are making them staff and they will be granted staff privileges whenever they join. Now for the confusing part!

There are several levels of staff which can be recognised from these symbols:
~ are channel owners
& are channel admin
@ are channel operators
% are half channel operators
+ are channel "voices"

Each of these levels of staff have access levels assigned to them which are simply numbers.

~ is 9999
& is 10-9998
@ is 5-9
% is 4
+ is 3

As you can see in some levels the numbers have ranges. For example & has a range of 10-9998. The higher the number in this range the higher level of access that person has. So although they have the same symbol, someone with 9998 has more permissions that someone with just 10.

To add people to your access list...

/chanserv access #channelname add (theirname) (access level)

/chanserv access #TeddysRoom add Evil_Fast 9998

This will give Evil_Fast a & symbol whenever he joins my room. He will be the most powerful & I have in the room because he is 9998 which is the highest number apart from a channel owner.

To edit people already on the access list...

/chanserv access #channelname add (theirname) (new level)

/chanserv access #TeddysRoom add Evil_Fast 5

To delete people already on the access list...

/chanserv access #channelname del (theirname)

/chanserv access #TeddysRoom del Evil_Fast

[ 13 ] How to manage channel "staff" (using modes)
Using channel modes for staff is a more temporary solution to having staff. This means whenever a user leaves the channel and rejoins they will no longer be staff therefore their staff "mode" only lasts the time they are in the channel without leaving.

Now as well as each staff symbol having a number they also have a letter...
~ which is channel owner has the letter 'q'
& which is channel admin has the letter 'a'
@ which is channel operator has the letter 'o'
% which is half operator has the letter 'h'
+ which is channel voice has the letter 'v'

Here is how to set users as "temporary" staff using modes:
/mode #channel +(mode letter) (theirname)

/mode #channel +a Evil_Fast

[ 14 ] How to change channel topic or "description" as some people refer to it as

/topic #channelname (text here)

/topic #TeddysRoom Join to meet Teddys friends and have fun!

[ 15 ] How to use color in your topic or your text
This will vary with your client. For mIRC users simply press CTRL + K and a small popup box will appear as well as a small symbol in the textarea. Simply choose what color you want and click it.

For Java users (people who use ingame IRC) you must also press CTRL + K however you will not see a pop up box, you will only get the symbol. If you visit and scroll down you will see a complete list of color codes you can enter.

Any text written after the color has been used will appear that color. To change half way through you need to follow the process again.

[ 16 ] How to kick & ban
Firstly, warn them. If they persist you can kick them from the channel by entering the following command:

/kick #channelname (nick) (reason)

/kick #channelname Evil_Fast n00b

Are they still annoying you? Then you can enforce a ban. If you left or right click on the users name in the channel, an option should appear to ban them. They will no longer be able to talk in the channel, and if you feel the need to you can kick them.

[ 17 ] How to view IRC staff
You can view the IRC staff by typing:


[ 18 ] How to use other channel modes correctly
To set these modes on your channel you need to type
/mode #channel (mode)

The available and most applicable modes are below:
+c allows no color
+f (lines: seconds) will enable flood protection
+G filters bad words
+i allows invite only users to join
+k (password) sets a password on the channel
+K stops users knocking your channel
+l (number) limits the amount of people that can join
+m only people with voice and above can talk
+N people cant change their nicks while in your channel
+p makes channel private. Won't be shown in channel list or whois
+R only allows registered nicks to join
+s like +p but only shows up for users currently in the channel
+S strips text formatting like colors and underlines

These are only the most commonly used channel modes.
To reverse/remove any of these modes simply replace the + with -

What are the modes +ntr for?
+n means no external channel messages
+t only allows ops to set the topic
+r means the channel is registered

[ 19 ] How to add channels to the "autojoin" list
The autojoin list will automatically connect you to any channels on your list as soon as you login to your name.

You can manage your autojoin list using the following commands:

Adding Channels
/ns ajoin add (#channel)

/ns ajoin add #Lobby

Deleting Channels
/ns ajoin del (#channel)

Viewing your autojoin list
/ns ajoin list

[ 20 ] How to privately message someone
This is one simple command that will open a private 1 to 1 chat with the person you choose. The person must be online for you to be able to privately chat with them.

/query (theirname)

/query Teddy

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Posted on Thu May 13, 2010 21:03:39
Catana's IRC "How to" guide!
A deep, in depth guide on how to understand and use IRC systems and their features.


1. About the tutorial.
2. What is IRC?
3. Types of IRC Clients
4. Java IRC Setup
5. Registering a Nickname
6. Identifying your Nickname
7. Torn IRC Staff List
8. Changing your Password
9. Using GHOST Command
10. Creating a Channel
11. Inviting Users to Channels
12. Using Staff Roles
13. Setting Staff Access
14. Channel Modes
15. IRC Bots
16. mIRC Setup
17. Mibbit Setup
18. IRC Commands
19. Auto Join Lists
20. End of Tutorial

If you feel you do not need to read through the introduction or other parts of the tutorial, just skip to the area you wish to view, by referring to the "Contents" page.

1. About this tutorial

What is this tutorial about? This tutorial will explain how to use an instant message chat system through three main interfaces of the Torn network. It will help encourage you to join in on the fun and get involved in group conversations to those who currently do not use IRC or have any experience using it.

2. What is IRC?

IRC, (an abbreviation of Instant Relay Chat) is a service allowing one to converse to many people instantly throughout a network. Torn City uses IRC and can be useful for many things such as regarding questions, requests for casino games, support and more, instantly. At the end of this tutorial, you should feel at ease by using the service to your advantage.

3. Types of IRC Clients

There are many different types of clients and services which can be used to connect and converse to those in the Torn City network. The three "main" clients which can be used is Java, mIRC and Mibbit. These clients can act differently depending on the one you prefer to use; such as using quick commands, interface presentation and whether or not a service is capable of sending or receiving file attachments. Some clients may require additional programs in order to run (e.g. Java IRC requires a Java platform to function).

4. Java IRC Setup

The three IRC setups we have briefly gone through will now be instructed to you so you understand how to use them. We will start with Java IRC, this is because it is recommended for beginners and is fairly easy to use due to its straightforward interface.

Fortunatly, becuase this system is already embedded into to Torn City site, it doesn't take no more than four clicks to enter the IRC client. By following the images below will help you enter IRC and join appopriate channels.

Figure 1 - Locate the "Chat" link on your account sidebar, click it.


Figure 2 - It will then bring you to the page which manages the "Local" chat system (the chat boxes located on the bottom right hand sidebar); this area will give you the ability to create group chat rooms or contact existing recipients. Whether you are using Torn Mobile or Full Torn, click the link "IRC", this page has no relevance to the IRC system.


Figure 3 - Now you have entered the IRC setup page, by viewing the information, it will tell you, the rules of the main "Public" channels. Public channels are those which petain official relevance towards the game, such as the Lobby channel (where people can involve in general chit chat) or help channels. The page also refers to certain channels to suit your particular needs. Situated at the top of the page is a link, click it to view all the rules and regulations; it will help give an understanding of the do's and don'ts of Torn IRC, so read the rules! If certain rules are broken, it could leave to official warnings or bans (some of which can be permanent).


Click the image below for information regarding basic IRC commands.

Click the image below for information regarding Torn's IRC Rules.

Figure 4 - This page basically allows you to configure your account settings for IRC, such as the name you wish to be viewed as (also known as "Nick") and whether or not you wish smilies are to be displayed raw or shown as an image; it's up to you whether you wish to leave them as they are or change the setting. Advanced settings covers infomation such as account password, font format etc. Becuase this is a beginners guide, we shall stick to standard settings for now, we con configure some later. Once you are ready click the "Login" button, by default your Torn name will be automaticaly shown in the text box, but you can change it.


Figure 5 - Whether or not your browser can verify a particular security certificate, it may require your authorisation in order for Java to run the client. Torn's IRC service is safe, so click "Run" to continue and the applet will load. Clicking "Cancel" will prevent java from running IRC.


Figure 6 - Congratulations! You have entered Torn City's IRC application! Below is the interface you should currently have. Labelled with numbers, each number has a description next to it, defining what each asset does.


1 - The channel you are in at the moment #Lobby which is a public channel, can be viewed by everyone. When the bar highlights orange, new notifications or conversations have occured.
2 - Status is the information shown about your account and updates from IRC, such as Torn IRC staff, recipients in particular channels and more, this bar also highlights orange over new notifications.
3 - Text box, write in here what you want others to see, this is where commands are written also (explained later on in the tutorial).
4 - Clickable smilies, click the smilie in order for it to show. Depending on what other users are using in the way of clients, they may see smilies differently. The same applies to text format.
5 - This is where recently submitted information and updates (regarding the channel and more) are displayed; which is the conversation.
6 - This area is the title box, it displays information in the channel and is viewable from the channel list. Formats can be adjusted to titles (explained later on in the tutorial).
7 - Displays users and status. The users shown are those currently in the channel. The symbols next to their name are the staff access roles and the permissions they have (explained later on in the tutorial).
8 - The tabbed buttons located at the very top allows one to connect and disconnect from IRC, as well as viewing all the Torn City channels, information about the client and assistance (I would advise to not allow the pop-up when attempting to click the "help" button, my site advisor suggested the outside site was unsafe and could potientially send threats to your PC).
9 - This is the format tool for Java IRC, you may change whether you wish your text to be formatted, coloured or font changed. Colours are restricted to certain channels, so use normal text. Font is only available for you to see and changes ALL the font, no-one can view your personalised font.

The lobby channel is the first one you will join in IRC, you may quit the channel by clicking the close box at the top right hand corner (x). You may also type the quit command for the channel, this command can be used for other clients too!

/part #channelname

Replace "#channelname" with "#lobby" to exit the #lobby channel (Exists lobby).

In order to view a channel list of all channels in IRC, click the "Channels" button located at the top for a complete list. They are shown in order or popularity, so the most used channels are shown first. Double click a channel to enter it, some channels may have passwords to prevent unauthorised users. The majority of channels can be used. You may also type the channels command to view them.


(Views channels)

If you are familiar with a channel name, then type the join command, following the name of the specified channel.

/j #channelname

Replace "#channelname" with the name of the channel you wish to join. I'm going to join #giveaway channel, so I'm going to type: /j #giveaway

Well done! You have now joined IRC successfully and now understand how to join and exit appopriate channels! If you would like to learn more about commands in IRC, visit the bottom of the thread, there is much more that may help you.

That about does it for the Java IRC setup, there is more information regarding these clients shown later in the tutorial.

5. Registering a Nickname

This section of the tutorial will explain how to register your nick (IRC account) so that you can benefit more features of Torn City IRC. If you have a registered nick, you can join in on giveaway channels (possibilities of earning free items), eligable to use an auto join list (allowing one to automatciialy join channels once identified), giving fixed staff positions and much more! The main benefit of having a registered nick is so that no one can use your name if you already have it!

In order to do this, we must first be in IRC (any will do, but lets to Java since we have already covered it). Follow the steps shown above and once the client has loaded type the following command:-

/ns register *PASSWORD* *E-MAIL*

Replace "PASSWORD" with the values you wish to use to identify your account when you join IRC. Replace "E-MAIL" with your valid e-amil address. You are required to have a valid address as well as one you have information about, as a code will be sent to the address confirming account creation.

Once you have typed the code, visit your e-mail account, read through the information and copy and paste the code given to you in the text box (preferably in "Status); once you have done this, you shown have your own unique nick! Congratulations!

6. Identifying your Nickname

Every time you visit the IRC client, you are required to identify yourself in order for other users to prevent the use of your nickname, using autojoin lists and joining channles with the appopriate staff access roles etc. To do this, type the following command into the text box:-

/ns identify *PASSWORD*

Replace the "PASSWORD" with the value you entered when registering your nick name and you will be identified. If you have forgotten your password, contact IRC staff.

7. Torn IRC Staff List

When you join IRC, it will state in Status your IRC staff. If you cannot locate this information then type the following command to display:-


(Displays all IRC staff)

As stated in the IRC list, your IRC staff are:-

Server Root Admin:-

Evil_Fast [313482]


Clansy [65306]
Wolfeh [172806]



Netadmins should only be contacted in game regarding abuse and complaints or IRC staff.
- Other issues, contact IRC moderators.

8. Changing your Password

If you wish to change your password, you can enter the command shown below in the IRC text box. Changing passwords frequently will help keep your account safe.

/ns set password *PASSWORD*

Change "PASSWORD" with the new password you wish to use, this command can be set once you are identified.

9. Using GHOST Command

Sometimes you may encounter issues where you have been disconnected but your client may still be online; or before you have identified, someone else may be using your registered nick. To prevent this, you can use the GHOST command. The user who has your nick will be removed from IRC and you will have your own nick back. To do this type the following command:-

/msg ns ghost *NICK* *PASSWORD*

Replace the *NICK* with the name you have chosen and the password you use to identify yourself, in my case it would be: /msg ns ghost Catana demonstration (All nicks with this name will be removed).

10. Creating a Channel

Now that your account is all set up and registered, lets try creating our very own channel! To do this, type the join command. Make sure the channel is not registered and is not being used by anyone else (so when you join the channel, you are the only one in the room).

If you don't use your channel and is not active over a certain period of time, it will be removed and will become unregistered. When you join an unregistered channel you will become the Op. (@ Symbol). This means you have a limtied control over the channel, but not full control (more information regarding staff positions will be explained later in the tutorial).

Now, we want to have full control over the channel. I'm using channel #Catana for this demonstration, think of a name for your channel by using the join command on a specific name. Use the command below and change settings as you have done with previous commands.

/cs register #channelname *PASSWORD* *DESCRIPTION*

This method will allow the channel #Catana to be registered with a password and a description. Change the settings as you wish, for my channel: /cs register #catana thisisapassword irc demonstration channel

Now you will become the owner of the channel, shown as a ~ symbol next to your name instead of a @, giving you full access over the channel.

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Posted on Thu May 13, 2010 21:04:33
11. Inviting Users to Channels

To invite someone to your channel, type the following command. They will receive a notification regarding your channel which they may join.

/invite *NICK* *CHANNEL*

This will invite the specified user to the channel you wish for them to join. Replace *NICK* with someone's name and *CHANNEL* for the channel name (e.g. #catana).

12. Using Staff Roles

There are two different staff roles you can give your users in the channel, which are fixed staff and temporary staff. Fixed staff means that once a user has joined the channel they will keep the status when they return and temporary staff will only grant an access position for their session in the channel, so once the user leaves they will lose their role.

Staff roles can be handy when organising users in your channel and you may also use them (if your channel is very popular) to moderate other users and set your own rules. Lets have a close look at these staff positions.

13. Setting Staff Access

There are several different staff positions available and all of them have different access to one another depending on what you set, here is a list of the positions available, two of which should look familiar to you already (The bottom has the least access and top with most access).

~ (Founder and Owner)
& (Administrator)
@ (Operator)
% (Half Operator)
+ (Voice)

"Voice" is a position which allows one to chat in channels which disallow unauthorised conversations, it can help prevent flamming also.
"Half Operator" is a position which allows one to have very limited controls over the channel.
"Operator" is a position which allows one to have moderate controls over the channel.
"Administrator" is a position which allows one to have high functional controls over the channel.
"Founder and Owner" is a position which allows one to control the channel using any commands appopriately.

The access list also set guidelines, for example, an operator cannot ban or kick an administrator, but can act upon those with half operator privileges or less.

With staff positions, one may have the same access role, but my have higher authority. This is worked out with the uses of numbers.

~ (Range 9999)
& (Range Between 10 - 9998)
@ (Range Between 5 - 9)
% (Range 4)
+ (Range 3)

These numbers are used in the command when setting fixed staff positions, so take a look at them before you set!

Below is the command for fixed staff (which keep their status until you manually remove it).

/cs access #channelname add *NICK* *ACCESS RANGE*

The above code will be altered so that the "channelname" would be #catana and the nick I want to grant access to is Evil_Fast and the access range is the number of the position, which I want to be 9998 (top adminstrator). Evil_Fast now has & next to his name (/cs access #catana add Evil_Fast 9998).

To edit fixed staff positions, copy the command for the user again, but with their new access position.

To delete fixed staff positions, copy the command for the user again, but replace "add" with "del", Example:-

/cs access #channelname del *NICK*

In order to set fixed staff, they have to have a registered nick, or it won't work!

Temporary staff can be used on anyone; it is used to quickly set staff positions to those for a "one time use" basis. The access list have the following abbreviations.

~ (Abbreviation is q)
& (Abbreviation is a)
@ (Abbreviation is o)
% (Abbreviation is h)
+ (Abbreviation is v)

You need to know these abbreviations in order to set the temporary access list, the command you require to type in the text box is:-

/mode #channelname + *ACCESS LETTER* *NICK*

So in order for me to grant a quick temporary access role to someone is to state this code: /mode #catana +a Evil_Fast
This instead, will give Evil_Fast a temporary administrator position. To remove this, use the subtraction symbol instead of the addition.

/mode #channelname - *ACCESS LETTER* *NICK*

Simples! - You do not require a removal code for temporary staff positions as you can just kick the user and they will lose their access (kick command shown later in the tutorial).

14. Channel Modes

If you go back to your channel in your empty title, the top left corner will state the following channel modes are active, which is at the moment, +ntr.

In order to apply a mode to your channel, use the command below with the "MODE" as the specific rule (e.g. /mode #catana +c).

/mode #channelname + *MODE*

This list will tell you what certain channel modes are, what they do and how to enforce them.

Fixed Modes:-

+n (Restricts external channel messages)
+t (Enables operators, or above to set channel topics)
+r (States that the channel is registered)

Adjustable Modes:-

+c (Restricts colour in the channel)
+f (Enables flood protection)*
+G (Filters abusive language)
+k (Enables a password)*
+K (Restricts those from knocking)
+I (Restricts the amount of users)*
+m (Restricts those without voice or above to converse)
+N (Restricts nick changing in the channel)
+p (Hides channel name in lists)
+R (Restricts non-registered users)
+s (Applies +p, shows to users already in the channel)
+S (Restricts text formatting)

*Channel modes require additional information.

For +f Type:
/mode #channelname +k *LINES* *SECONDS*

Use appopriate channel name, replace "LINES" with numerical value as well as "SECONDS".

For +k Type:
/mode #channelname +k *PASSWORD*

Use appopriate channel name, replace "PASSWORD" with the password you wish to use, repeat the command for a new password

For +l Type:
/mode #channelname +k *LIMIT*

Use appopriate channel name, replace "LIMIT" with numerical value of the amount you wish to limit.

To withdraw any modes use the substraction symbol instead of the addition (like staff access).

/mode #channelname - *MODE*

Use appopriate channel name, replace "MODE" with the mode you wish to remove.

15. IRC Bots

This section of the tutorial will help you get to grips with IRC bots. Like everything else, feel free to skip this part if you do not want to add a bot in your channel.

A bot is automated user, run by the computer from a script. There are two types of bots, a service bot and a scripted bot. A service bot will tend to moderate the channel and can act upon warning or kicking users due to their format, use of language etc. A scripted bot can do many more things, such as give links on certain commands, ID's of players and more.

A scripted bot requires a good deal of knowledge in IRC, so you may consider to query one if you wish to have one for your channel, try the IRC forum or try the image below, which will direct you to IRC scripting:-

A standard service bot can be achieved here. In order to view what bots are available to have in your channel, type the command:-

/bs botlist

To view the names of bots. By typing the command below will assign a bot for your channel.

/bs assign #channelname *BOT*

Use your channel name and replace "BOT" with the name you selected from the list. For me: /bs assign #catana PeaceKeeper

For more assistance regarding your bot, type the configuration command, it will show up in Status.

/bs help

Only channel owners (~) can assign a bot.

16. mIRC Setup

If you are comfortable with using Java IRC, you may not wish to follow the setup for mIRC, it's just another client to converse on basically.

mIRC requires a software installation for your computer, which you must download from this site:-

Click the image below for mIRC.

Figure 1 - On the site, click the "Download Now" link as shown below.


Figure 2 - A pop up should display (if not, allow the one popup to be displayed in order to download the application), asking what to do with the file. You may "Run" the file or "Save" it, if your intending to keep the program, save it to your desktop; if not, run it.


Figure 3 - This stage is if you have decided to save the program, once the download is complete, close it.


Figure 4 - Double click the installation icon on your desktop.


Figure 5 - Click "Run" to begin the installation wizard.


Figure 6 - You are now ready to install mIRC, click "Next".


Figure 7 - Read through the Terms & Conditions if you feel you need to, to continue with the installation, click "I Agree".


Figure 8 - Select the file destination for mIRC, then click "Next".


Figure 9 - Choose the oponents you wish to install, if you are new to this, leave settings as they are and click "Next".


Figure 10 - Choose the destinations for shortcut files and updates, once you are happy with your settings, click "Next".


Figure 11 - It is now going to install the following components and create file destinations (if selected), click "Install" when you are ready.


Figure 12 - After the installation has been completed, check "Run mIRC" and "Finish" the installation.


Figure 13 - You will now be presented with the mIRC trial window. What this is, is that mIRC petains a 30 day trial period, after this time you will have to register. However, even after the 30 day trial has finished, you may still use mIRC, it just takes a bit longer to load, click "Continue", if you do not wish to register (if you are using this for the first time, even after the 30 day trial, the software can be used free of charge).


Figure 14 - I am beginning to put in my details as shown below. This window automatically pops up, put in your details such as your name (nick).


Figure 15 - Keep the window open, until instructed to close. Using the expanded tab section, locate "Servers" and click the "Add" button to the left (because Torn is not on the current list).


Figure 16 - A new pop-up will be displayed, fill in the details as shown below and then click "Add", it will add Torn to the list.


Figure 17 - Torn's server should now be on the list. While it's selected go to the expanded section and click the "Options" tab.


Figure 18 - In the "Options" menu, make sure your settings are ticked as below, click the "IRC" tab once you have done this.


Figure 19 - In the "IRC" menu, make sure your settings are ticked as below, then click "Ok".


Figure 20 - Type the following in your text box, and press Enter, you should now be in access with Torn IRC.


Figure 21 - You will then be presented with a channel favourite list. If you prefer to not see this list every time you login to mIRC, adjust the options as shown below.


Congratulations! You can now set up mIRC! Every time you join, your mIRC will automatically join the Torn server (by following each step correctly), click the image below regarding mIRC help.

Click the image below for mIRC help.

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17. Mibbit Setup

Finally the last setup is Mibbit IRC Client. This IRC works on the internet which requires a web browser. This client is quite easy to set up, follow the images below to help converse with the Torn community on Mibbit.

In order to get to Mibbit, you will need to follow a link, click the button below to get to the Mibbit site.

Figure 1 - Once you are at the site, click the link button "Launch Mibbet WebChat", as shown below.


Figure 2 - Wait for the site interface to load, after it has done, fill out the details as I have done below. Replace Catana with your nick you use for IRC. The default channel we will join is #lobby, we can use the join command later. Ignore the other two boxes, once you have done this, click "Go".


Figure 3 - A view of Status on Mibbet, you have joined Torn IRC via the Mibbet Interface!


All the clients have now been addressed, the last part of the tutorial will give infomation on commands that have not already been discussed.

18. IRC Commands

Some commands have been shown in the early stages of the tutorial, please refer to the contents page to locate them.

Change name on IRC.

/nick *NAME*

This changes the name of your nick to something else, replace "NAME" with the name you wish to change to. Be warned, if you use someone else's nick that is registered, they may "GHOST" you (described earlier in the tutorial), which will cause you to quit IRC with the current name.

View staff access

/ns alist

This will show the current channels you have staff access in.

Ignore users

/ignore *NICK*

This will ignore a specific person preventing you from seeing their messages, replace "NICK" with the name you wish to ignore.

Unignore users

/ignore -r *NICK*

This will unignore a specific person allowing you to view their messages as normal, replace "NICK" with the name you wish to remove the ignore mode.

Change topic description (Java & Mibbit)

/topic #channelname *TEXT*

This will allow you to change the topic in your channel, replace "TEXT" with the topic description, along with appopriate channel name.

Change topic description (mIRC)


By pressing these buttons, a colour scheme popup will display, select and click the colour. You may also use this for Java IRC, however you will be using symbols, not colour codes.

Click the image below to view a full list of mIRC colour codes.

Kick users

/kick #channelname *NICK* *REASON*

Will kick a user from the channel, replace "NICK" with the name you wish to kick and "REASON" (a short description) as of to why they were kicked, use appopriate channel name.

Ban users

Right click on nick:
Select Ban

This will ban a user from the channel, only do this if the problem is so severe a user requires a ban. In java, you can right click their nick and select "Ban", you can only unban them from mIRC however.

Private Message (PM) users

/query *NICK*

This will issue a private chat system with another recipient. Replace "NICK" with the user's name you wish to contact, they must be on IRC in order to work.

"Me" Command


Will send an action message based on the description, replace "DESCRIPTION" with message (example: ***Catana is loving IRC!***)

19. Auto Join Lists

Auto join lists are very useful and will allow one to automatically join up to 12 channels, instead of typing command after command. You will need a registered nick in order to use an auto join list (to register your nick, use the contents page to find out how).

Adding channels to the list

/ns ajoin add #channelname

Adds a channel to the list, automatically joining one once you are identified. Replace #channelname with appopriate channels.

Removing channels from the list

/ns ajoin del #channelname

Removes the channel from the list. Replace #channelname with appopriate channels.

View ajoin list

/ns ajoin list

Lists the channels you currently have on the ajoin list.

Tip: When using Java IRC, don't add #lobby to the ajoin list as it automatically loads when you sign in, it saves one channel space!

Click the image below to view more commands.

20. End of Tutorial

You have now come to an end of the tutorial, thank you for reading and I hope it helped you out.
Any problems or issues, feel free to mail me.

Thanks, Catana [585795]

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Thank you both for your submissions. The irc staff will review both and decide within the next few days.

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