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Thread created on Wed May 22, 2013 13:15:00
Last replied to on Thu May 23, 2013 13:33:49
Hey i'm probably acting like a retard and it's really simple but i'm 16 and i don't understand the whole stock share business, can someone please explain?

is it when you buy a donator pack for say

22m then sell it for 25m?


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Posted on Wed May 22, 2013 17:05:17
Yes, the essence is buy cheap and sell for a profit, there are a number of different ways. It takes a while to get used to.

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Posted on Thu May 23, 2013 06:25:19
Stocks also have Benefit Blocks (BB), if you have enough shares, you randomly get the benefit. Some stocks benefits might be more appealing to you than others.

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Posted on Thu May 23, 2013 13:33:49
Easiest way to learn the stock Market is to play around with it, however i will give you a brief overview of the two playing styles
Benefit Blocks
A Benefit Block (more commonly reffered to in the forums as a BB) is where you have a certain amount of one stock in one block. e.g 500,000 shares in GRN. However if you have 300,000 and a 200,000 block this will not qualify. to make them qualify you need to stack them.

If you plan on buying stocks for the BB then its a long term investment, and it will take between 6 months upwards to get your money back, However this is the most popular choice as most players who want BB's have enough to 'survive' on anyway.

There are three different kinds of BB
1:Dividend paying- These stocks pay out at random times, and they pay out out random amounts, on average you make 20% APR of there current value, (so if it sky-rockets you will make more than the 20% likewise if they plummet you will make less)
2: Item Paying There are many stocks out there that pay out on a near weekly basis and instead of money, you receive an item, for example TCHC will give a box of medical supply's or HRG will give a property. The time these take to earn your money back can vary BIG time, its just a case of finding ones that work on your budget. FHC will pay for its self if aproximatly a years time.
Service Proving These are the payouts that give you a bonus of some kind relating to the player, Be it extra happiness at random times, extra energy or higher banking rates. These tend to be the less popular and more expensive of the benefits.

If you have a stock (other than a dividend paying one) and it starts to fall, do not panic! you will still earn your Benefits and it wont affect your income to much. Dividend paying stocks should be the one you go for long term so i wouldnt worry to much

The second pay style is this
The bank interest rate, fully upgraded gives aproximatly 0.3% per day (on a week long investment) If your planning on buying and selling, dont get greedy, as soon as its near this %age hit the sell button unless you think your onto a winner.. I have seem many a greedy players think 'its on the rise i will sell when it drops a little' only to end up loosing money as the market has become saturated with people doing the same.

Never invest all your money in just one stock, remember if ones rising, ones also falling somewhere, Likewise if ones falling, ones rising.

Depending how much you have to spend depends on what stocks to buy, if you want any advice drop me a message in game

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