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Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0

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Posted on Wed Apr 01, 2009 18:22:24

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0

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Posted on Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:54:20

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0

ID: 666989
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Posted on Wed Apr 08, 2009 18:41:20
thats jusyt not fair

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0
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Posted on Thu May 28, 2009 00:48:34

BC Buster Always!!
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Posted on Fri Jul 10, 2009 02:05:28

Super secret reinforced spam barrier 2.0
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Posted on Sat Feb 20, 2010 00:24:00
By Chedburn [1]
After a lot of thought, discussion and design, weve finally decided upon the new stock changes. The overall biggest change will be on the way people sell and buy shares. This removes all forms of abuse and allows us to add a whole bunch of other stock trends and updates, which will be coming with the change. Ill start by giving a list of the changes.

- Users will have to trade shares with each other, not directly back to Torn City. There will however be NPCs who buy shares occasionally based on certain odds and stock traits.

- Users will be able to sell shares on a market. It will not be a viewable market, buying and selling will work the way it currently does, but transactions will be between users, not User > Torn City. All transactions will be anonymous.

- 6 hour stay-in rule will be removed, since there would be no need any more.

- Stocks can be changed to go up and down more, and have huge spikes. Each of the stocks will have more individual character.

- Some stocks will go up and down based on what happens in Torn City. For example, BAG (Big als Gun Shop Stock) will go up and down depending on how many people buy guns. TCHS will go up and down depending on how many people are in hospital over time. And many more.

- Stocks will be given forecasts. Forecasts will range from Very Good to Very poor which will be an indication of how much the stock will go up/down for the next few days / weeks. This may not always be correct.

- Shares will be placed in to the stock market via NPCs, these shares can then be purchased by users and traded amongst other users. There will only be a certain amount of shares available in each stock, but if some stocks become very popular, we can easily add more shares.

- A demand structure may be added. If shares are for sale for long periods of a certain stock (if no one wants to buy the stock) the price will gradually fall. If lots of people want to buy the stock but there arent any sellers, prices will gradually rise. Basically, user demand for stocks will affect stock price.

- Users may be able to purchase shares in the TCSE as a whole, not individual stocks. Buying and selling of this will be much quicker, but there wont be many large gains/falls. A good place for people to dabble in the stock market quickly and easily, and relatively safely. This is not confirmed yet.

- Users may be able to trade stock transactions with each other, for whatever prices they want.

Overall, a more fun system which will make the whole stock market more interesting to play. A huge step in realism opening up many new aspects. This will stop any huge gains (without losses) which will eventually cause TC a lot of issues.

This system will allow us more control of the stock market and how much money is being introduced in to the economy. Investors will have to be smart and witty to make money. There will be winners and losers. It will be up to big investors to research in to the trends, and think about what makes it rise and fall. Each stock will be different so all factors will have to be taken in to account for serious investors.

This whole system is much more like real life. If done correctly, this should be a pretty great change. Investors wont be jumping in and out so often, they will have to sit through the lows sometimes, but also be rewarded with bigger gains. The stock market will be for investments, not quick in/outs.

Investors sometimes may not be able to simply buy shares in the stock market. Instead, barter with users for their shares in the market, forums or in personal trades.

When a user places shares on the market, they will have to wait for a buyer. When the buyer comes, they enter how many shares they wish to buy of the stock. If your stock is of low quantity, or has been on the market longer than the other transactions for sale, it will be bought up first. If you sell shares of large quantity, buyers will buy amounts of your transaction. For example: if you sell 1,000 shares, and someone wants to buy 200 shares, you will be left with 800 shares and be given money for the 200 shares. Your 800 shares will remain for sale until someone wishes to purchase them.

The new system will be coded to be as simple as possible. Users should find it very easy to get into it, and to start having fun. A help tutorial guide will also be made available shortly after release.

To get the economy properly under control again, this is a colossal step and after a lot of thought, the best way to do it in my eyes.

Sorry if any of it was unclear.

Thank you.

Edited by: Chedburn on 18/02/09 at 5:06:35 AM

only think clear there is that you are useless !

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