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Thread created on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:31:16
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Hello everyone,

I wanted to give a little more information about the upcoming changes we'll be making to companies, expected near the end of January. Everything's getting a huge shake-up, and all companies will see huge changes. The layout won't be much different, but all of the internal workings are receiving overhauls.

We expect we'll have to completely close companies for a few days while the huge amount of changes are made and tested. We'll announce the date and estimated length of closure about a week beforehand. Currently anywhere between 1 and 7 days of complete company downtime should be expected.

Here's a list of some of the changes that should be expected (but not 100% confirmed).

Company size / Employee changes
We plan to lower the amount of employees that can be held in each company. Don't freak out, this doesn't mean company profits are decreasing, actually they'll be greatly increasing for most low-mid tier companies. Even with an Oil Rig, with less employees than you have now, you'll be earning around the same and have to pay less people, although it'll take some time to optimise your company for best results again.

As an example, Firework stand will be able to hold 10 employees at absolute maximum instead of 50, Sports Team will be able to hold 20 employees, instead of the current 150 and the Oil Rig will be able to hold 30 employees, instead of the current 312.

This does many things to benefit the system. It will mean more companies can exist because less people will be employees, and it will be much easier for directors to fill their company with employees because they'll need less to be successful. It'll also be far easier to compete with other companies as there won't be such a huge range of sizes (important for the 10 star rating system coming after this).

- The income produced per employee will be drastically higher. Directors will have less employees to pay, making more profit.

- The director will no longer take up an employee space, providing another vital slot for a worker.

- The previously paid amounts to upgrade the size of companies will be refunded so all companies will return back to their base employees allowed. The upgrades will need to be made again, and they'll be around ten times cheaper.

- Once this system is live, we won't kick employees if you are over the maximum amount. You'll just not be able to assign them to one of the new job positions, so they won't contribute to the company.

Company start-up cost changes
We're changing the start-up cost of many companies to be more in-line with the realistic standards. Profits will also be increased or reduced to match this start-up cost. If the start-up cost is decreased for the company you own, you'll be compensated with the difference to the company bank.

New stock & positions
Each company has been carefully, painstakingly redesigned with unique and realistic feels. Each company has around 7-10 different positions for the director to make use of, and many different types of stock which may need to be made (by specialist job positions), or ordered in at a cost. I'm really proud of the results so far. New job positions have also been added for every company which have certain special traits. For example, secretaries will provide information on how much each employee is making for the company, trainers will provide extra trains for directors, and managers will reduce effectiveness drop off of employees.

We'll also be refunding and resetting storage upgrades, as this will be changing with the new system. Most companies will start with a base storage of 10,000. All refunds will be paid into the company bank, company hacking will be disabled for a few days after this.

Stat requirements
Working stat requirements will be changing vastly. Employees will need very high working stats to be successful in high-tier companies. We're expecting around 75,000 MAN / 37,500 END for most Oil Rig workers for example, however, having lower stats than the recommended will be more forgiving in this new system.

The recommended working stats will rise slowly from the cheapest to most expensive companies, meaning there's many companies / positions that are perfect for every player.

Selling companies
It will be possible to sell companies back to the system for 75% of the funds spent on it. This includes startup cost and staff room / storage / size costs. All companies will however initially receive full refunds for company size, staff room size and storage size upgrades, so if you choose to, you'll be able to sell the company directly after this update is live for almost all of the amount you invested in it.

Saving job points
If you leave or are fired from a company, you'll be able to return to that company later (or a company of the same type) and spend your job points at that one instead.

Teething issues are expected, but shouldn't be a major concern. All issues will be quickly resolved, and companies will receive constant improvements and optimisations based on user feedback. If things don't turn out in your favour, you'll be able to voice your concerns and we'll listen, but everything will take a little time to complete. We ask for your support and patience as this is a really big and complicated change.


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