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Thread created on Tue Nov 05, 2013 19:48:16
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Hello everyone,

As promised, we've added some new updates to this year's Torn of the Dead. As a civilian, you're able to use skill points on special upgrades. Civilians gain skill points by attacking zombies, zombies gain skill points by infecting civilians.

Immune system: Adds chance of a zombie failing to infect you when they attack, can become very effective.

Scent evasion: Greatly reduces the chance that you'll show up on zombie scent, making you a harder target to find.

Antidote: Provides an item which can be used on a zombie to cure them. Bear in mind that the chance of success greatly reduces later on in to the competition.

Infection potency: Directly counters the civilians immune system skill.

Scent accuracy: Directly counters the civilians scent evasion skill.

These competition-specific skills will not reset, and stay with you year after year.

With RESPO of course, we plan to rebuild the entire competition with a brand new design. At the moment things are a little plain, but should work fine.


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