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Thread created on Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:20:55
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Hello everyone,

As you may now be aware, earlier this month we announced the proposed release date for our mega-expansion we've dubbed "RESPO".

The release window has been set to the second quarter of 2014. This means RESPO should be totally completed, beta tested, and ready for release on April, May or June. We'll of course be announcing an official date (and probably downtime) when we're ready.

- Perfect experience on desktops, mobile phones & tablets.
- Fresh new look, which is a decade ahead of the current site.
- Usability improvements on pretty much every page.
- Every single page on Torn carefully redesigned.
- Casino games rebuilt in HTML5 rather than Flash.
- Multiple big updates included.
- The foundations for multiple massive updates.

RESPO Progress spreadsheet

With the October newsletter, we also opened up our live google spreadsheet which the entire team is using to record its progress. It is now available for anyone, anywhere. Simply click the link above to view our live progress. If you checked it earlier this month, you should notice the difference when viewing it now (green is good). Each row on the spreadsheet is an entire section of Torn which includes multiple pages and systems - we've completed and checked off 27 so far!

It's difficult selecting which images to show you, as we want to leave a large majority for you to find and experience yourself upon release. But here's some we shared on facebook over the last couple of months.






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Forum Main>>Announcements>> Note: Respo Roundup! #2
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