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Thread created on Thu Sep 05, 2013 15:11:40
Last replied to on Thu Sep 05, 2013 16:11:40
Hello everyone,

We've just released the world war competition once again. Choose your flags wisely, meet new friends, and fight alongside each other for victory!

The competition will automatically close at 23:59:59 on the 30th, preventing further attacks from counting.


Next year, we'll be totally replacing all competitions with brand and improved new systems. This will follow on from the planned RESPO launch. World war will most likely have several tiers for your flag to rise through to become the victors, and with all competitions there will be a purpose to compete even if you have achieved all the honours.

The future plan is to introduce a new very special 'competition only' currency which will be given to everyone participating depending on where they place in the final results. For example, if you place within the top 10%, you'll be given 10. In the top 20%, you'd get 9 e.t.c. This currency would be spent on very special and unique things.

For now though, we're using the same engine as last year. I'm sorry to those few who already have all of the honors, but I can't devote weeks of programming time to something we're going to replace next year - and we can't simply keep adding new honors to competitions just because some people have them already. You can still compete to help your friends out, and I suppose treat it as practice for next year!

Thanks, good luck to everyone.

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