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Thread created on Fri Aug 02, 2013 11:00:16
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Hey everyone!

By now, hopefully you've heard of our current super-project we've codenamed "RESPO". We've tripled our developer capacity over the past few months to help build it. It includes total redesigns to every page on Torn, visually and internally. It means all of Torn will be perfectly optimised to work on mobiles and tablets too.

With RESPO, we figure we'll launch several large updates with it which are both in progress and completed. Most of these are either completed or in development, so we're confident we'll see these with the new RESPO game engine. More are most likely to be included also, but are not fully confirmed.

- Brand new racing engine
- Keno
- City 2.0 (Territorial faction warring development will start after launch of City 2.0)
- Brand new forum engine (Developed in-house, we'll probably merge all current posts over to it too)
- Church (With new marriage system)
- New mission engine (This will allow us to create infinite missions, but initially will start with less than the current system has, more info will follow at a later date)

As well as these, the new attacking engine is planned for release a week or two after the initial RESPO launch.

RESPO isn't 'Torn 2.0', it's the mere starting point. The base of which all future updates will be built on to. It's a foundation which allows us to infinitely expand Torn in ways which were not possible before.

This comes with a downside, with all our resources focused on RESPO and updates which will launch with RESPO, it's difficult to dedicate time to updates on the old (current) system. This is because it's difficult with our current dev environment, but also because everything we build on the current system will have to be remade again anyway for RESPO. That being said, we're working on a company update which will launch before RESPO. I just hope everyone can hang on for now during a slow update period.

We've been making an effort to post screenshots on our Torn Facebook page on a weekly basis. For those who do not browse facebook too often - here's a round up of some of the pics we've posted so far (with a few extras).











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