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Thread created on Sun Jun 02, 2013 15:35:01
Last replied to on Sun Jun 02, 2013 16:35:01
Unfortunately with any web based MMORPG, especially one as complicated as Torn, this stuff is going to happen from time to time. Its always going to be the case. Unfortunately this time, two huge issues collided with one-another to cause a restore back to Wednesday.

The most we can do is keep Torn as secure as possible, and make very sure that backups are happening every night. This minimizes the risk of a game-wide problem happening in the first place, and if it does happen, we can simply restore to a previous time which is hopefully (and usually) within 24 hours.

I believe this is our longest restore since the huge crash of Feb 07. Although that was still ten times worse than this was.

Weve decided it would be a great idea to give each user 2,500 energy to make up for the lost 4 days. Well be doing this by giving every user 500 energy every day for 5 days. These five boosts will be given at random times each day. On top of this, well also give every user 5 donator days.

(This will only happen for users who have been online in the past week).

Everything that you gained in the last 4 days, can be gained again. These boosts will help you to get them back quickly.

Were still working tirelessly to fix the remaining problems, I.E another weird lag issue.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Forum Main>>Announcements>> Note: 500E daily for 5 days
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