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Thread created on Thu May 16, 2013 09:50:53
Last replied to on Thu May 16, 2013 10:50:53
We released a big update to City Watch last night which has been in development for the past 3 months. It added a lot of requested features, fixed issues and brought about a whole new design/theme. It includes pretty much every possible feature we could think of.

If you close and reopen your City Watch, you should be notified of a new version.

One of the biggest updates is that the program can now run on Mac OS X.


New Additions
- Notification when landing at your destination while travelling.
- Notification of completing an education course.
- Notification of drug effect or booster cooldown wearing off.
- Ability to set custom notifiers at certain increments of Energy / Happiness / Nerve.

- Ability to set how long the popup stays up for before minimizing.
- Many new different sound tones to customise notifications.
- Easily enable / disable or make popups silent.
- Ability to set which browser Torn opens in via City Watch.

- A better reconnect system to make sure you're logged back in as soon as connection succeeds again.
- City Watch is now optimised to be smaller and quicker.
- 'X' button added to popups.
- Compatibility with Mac.
- Completely new graphical overhaul designed by our resident graphics artist Jane.

City Watch can be purchased from the points building for 50 points.

Thanks to James Gooding for an excellent job building this.


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