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Thread created on Fri Feb 15, 2013 13:34:55
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About a year ago, we had the idea that it would be really interesting to see if we could pin a particular playstyle to each user based on hidden ranking systems and algorithms. This is a small spin-off of a new Hall of Fame system we have in the works.

Weve created 34 different playstyles of which were calling "Titles". We basically figure out what users have excelled at compared to other users, to show what theyre best at.

There are also three other separate titles:
Deserter: A player who has been inactive for 30+ days.
Newcomer: A player who is under 7 days old (or 7-30 days old without any play).
Citizen: A user who is active but not new, without any play.

Youll receive an event whenever your title changes, which happens every week maximum. You can view your current title at Home, and see other peoples titles on their profiles. The title works as an adaption to your rank, I.e. Heroic Soldier.


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