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Thread created on Tue Jan 22, 2013 13:29:13
Last replied to on Tue Jan 22, 2013 13:29:13
These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
We've completed the previously announced phase of changes.

- Energy is now capped at 1,000. (If it rises above this, it'll fall back down to 1,000 immediately). This is to remove the previously huge 'stacking' advantage during the start of a war.

- Ranked wars now provide a respect boost of x1.5 instead of x2.

- The 300 maximum 'warring members' has been changed to include both attacking faction members and defending faction members to remove the ability of factions bypassing the rule allowing them to 'slut' respect. As discussed previously, we'll most likely increase this 300 limit to 500 depending on the feedback & results we receive.

- Faction wars will end if they are not active enough. An algorithm has been created which we think is pretty fair and shouldn't effect factions who are serious about seeing wars through. A certain amount of attacks are needed (from either or both sides) on a constant basis in order to keep a war going - otherwise they'll automatically end with a NAP. This process is to prevent inactive wars clogging up the 300 or 500 'warring members' limit.


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Forum Main>>Announcements>> Update: War and energy cap changes
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