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Thread created on Tue Jan 15, 2013 14:22:10
Last replied to on Tue Jan 15, 2013 14:22:10
These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
Auction house 2.0

We've just released a brand new auction house system which revolves around rare items. Inspired by many user suggestions and a committee poll seen here:

The old auction house was not really serving any purpose and was a constant mess. Due to the limitations imposed on the new auction house, this allows for a very clean bidding environment.

The bidding system uses a structure similar to Ebay, in that you can bid the maximum you want to pay for an item / unique property, and the system will bid on your behalf up until that maximum to keep you winning. This removes 'sniping' and means you don't have to be online at the end time.

There is no reserve or starting bid system, all auctions start at $1. This keeps the auction house clean of items with silly reserves. Sellers can however be confident they'll get a good price for their rare item / property due to the exposure and the amount of people who want them.

- Charge is 3% of final bid, but some company specials can override this.

- For the honor award, only 10 auctions (instead of 100) are now needed to have been won. If you already have over 10 and don't have the honor yet, it will be triggered on your next auction win.

- Rare weaponry auctions are set to return in the future.

- It seems the only people disliking this update are players who profiteered from finding mistakenly priced items and cheap deals. This was never the intention of the auction house and should not block new updates from being made on the auction house. People chanting that this is 'Another update for the rich' - Yes it is, that is exactly what it is. Auctions are for limited, special goods which sell at high values. For everything else there's the Item market and Bazaar.

Cashier's Check system

We've also added a new system for keeping money safe on big sales. The new auction house, bookie and stock market now uses this system. Instead of getting money directly, you'll be given a check (or cheque) which you can withdraw from the bank when online. If a check is not withdrawn in 24 hours, it'll be automatically added to your account.

We merged the bookie winning system which previously allowed 3 days of 'safe keeping' in to this check system too, so please note the time has been reduced from 3 days to 24 hours on this.

There may be small issues, please don't hesitate to post a bug report if you spot something wrong. We'll get to it ASAP.


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Forum Main>>Announcements>> Update: Auction house 2.0
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