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Thread created on Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:39:10
Last replied to on Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:39:10
These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
Hey everyone,

The committee and I have been working on a few changes to restrict faction respect farming. This is the act of generating respect with other factions without actually seriously fighting a war.

The idea is to abolish these types of wars without affecting the serious factions using the system properly. The biggest change to note is probably the energy cap change. Right now users can boost their energy up to around 30,000 in order to get a huge head start in serious wars. This change will also be vastly important for a new faction territory system we're working on.

We were also discussing a change to reduce the maximum faction size from 100 to 50, but decided against this. Only a few factions have over 50 members, but we cannot force them to remove some of their friends from their group.

The proposed changes are below:

- Change the 300 member limit to 500, but to also include defends. The main issue at the moment is factions getting others to war them to bypass this limit. This way the limit caters for everyone. We will also incorporate stricter rules which will kill off wars which are not being fought.

- Reduced ranked war gain to x1.5 (from x2).

- Add a cap of 1,000 or 999 energy. (Energy can never be increased over 1,000). This is to prevent factions getting a huge pre-emptive edge during the start of a war, which will be even more important in future war updates.

- A potential base increase of respect gain. (Unconfirmed)

I've made the committee poll public, it can be seen here:


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