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Thread created on Thu Dec 20, 2012 16:17:55
Last replied to on Thu Dec 20, 2012 16:17:55
Over the past few weeks I've been given small community suggestions to work on from the committee. 40 of them were accepted and have now been released. I've also listed the ones which were not accepted (with descriptions). There's still plenty more to do, and I'll be working on these among other projects, while other developers work on the big stuff.

Each person who suggested an update that was accepted will receive 5 donator packs.

Thanks to RatedR and introvert for their help.


Quit an Education Course without using drugs
Quit education at any given moment

Multi item sell
Sell multiple items back to system, instead of one by one.

New Status Icon
Add icon for Cayman banking

Link to item market from item description
link to item market directly from items

Booster armoury
Like weapons, armor and drugs, also have an armory for boosters.

Disable bazaar descriptions
We can enable/disable sigs and forumsigs, so why not bazaar discriptions?
Done. Bazaars now follow profile sigs. I.e. if profile sigs are disabled, so are bazaars. Will do this now.

Deposit/withdraw all buttons for vault
A deposit/withdraw all from the vault button.
I didn't see the point of having a button, but instead placed the values already in the box so all users have to do is click the withdraw / deposit button.

Item perks in personal perks list
Make itemperks (like the crime enhancers) show in your personal perk list.
Done. Sports Sneakers and Suitcases added also.

Link to 'gym' after using xanax (can apply for other relevant drugs too, i.e. warbase for vico)
Quick link to the gym after taking drugs
Done. Added gym links after using Xanax or Extacy, also warbase link after using Vicodin.

Stock Icon
An icon that brings you to Your Portfolio.

Subforums For Bugs & Issues
Organizing the various headings into their own
respective subforums more intuitive for players,
the main page can include unconfirmed reports
along with larger confirmed reports.

Done. Added options to view all bugs by status and assigned developer.

make faction vaults inaccessible while in jail/hospital.
Done. Giving out money or points, as well as payday is now inaccessible while in jail or hospital.

"What would you like to do?" Faction Header
attach the header to the top of pages it links to.
Done. Added the navigation to almost all faction related pages.

Property Vault icon
place the icon for the property vault on the icon
bar on the sidebar.


Faction due to be deleted - Warning
Send an event warning all managers of a faction when it reaches 25 respect, 10 respect, and 1 respect.
Done. Factions now receive news and all members receive events when a faction falls to 50, 25 and 10 respect.

Faction Kick Confirmation
Confirmation screen when you kick a member from the faction.
Done. Confirmation added.

Simple Event Suggestion
Confirmation screen when deleting all events.
Done. Confirmation added.

FriendsList and BlackList revised
Friends/Blacklist setup like Mailbox, allowing us
checkall and delete selected, replacing the x with
another row of checkboxes titled remove.

Done. The next best thing, due to there already being a checkbox for tagging, delete now instantly deletes the user from the list without notification and brings you straight back to your list. Also added blue hoverover to make this easier.

Temp weapons auto reload.
Like guns, make use equip tem weapons automatically.
While probably not worth doing in this attack system, I've passed it on to developers working on the new attack system.

Torn City Docks
Bring back "check all" option, but still keep numbers of how many we would like to sell too.
Done. 'select all' button added to all shops when selling items.

Buyout event.
Change the event for when you buy yourself out of jail.
I removed the event completely and added personalized messages during bailout.

Condition to new player protection.
New players receive a warning about, and lose their 14-day grace period when joining a faction.
Done. New users in a faction will now lose that protection when they join a faction automatically. If they leave the faction they'll get it back for the remainder until they are 15 days old.

Auto accept image
run the same image each week instead of having staff having to manually approve it each week have the image automatically accepted.
I've built on this idea a little and... instead of automatic accepting (Which is difficult with the current system), I've allowed users to choose how long they can advertise for (between 7 and 90 days). I've also added the ability to specify a URL with your advert. Prices have changed to a simple 500k per day, although it's still free with YAZ stock.

Hunting skills on Personal stats.
Shows huntingskill on personal info page.
Done. This is added under "Travel", although it is not graphed as it's in a different system to the other stats.

Order OC's
Order OC's in the way of the ones that can be initiated first.

Overseas hosp timer.
No url.
Have hospital timers overseas auto countdown, like the live timer in Torn, instead of a static timer that requires a manual refresh.

showing player level
"add a space to show the level of the players in friends/black lists."

Auction Icon
"When you bid on items show an icon telling you if you still have the high bid or not."
Done. Two icons added to indicate when you're the high bidder, and when you've been outbid.

Forums Suggestion Minor Mod
"at the top of every forums page we currently have the option to navigate back to the "root"
add the same to the bottom of the page to reduce scrolling"


Message Forwarding
"add a [Forward] option because in real email you can forward messages"
Done. Added a [Forward] option when reading messages.

Using dog poo and others
have items that influence properties effect spouses too?
Done. TP and stink bombs now effect spouse. It doesn't make any sense for the 'Dog poop' one to effect spouse as it is the single player putting the flames out.

Done. Options to change preferred validation method have been added.

Add total sale of points BEFORE adding listing

Add open link to parcels in post office
Done. Also added back buttons to go straight back to the post office.

Tweak to bounties
clicking on the bounty icon located on a user profile auto fills in that users id
as well auto fills the minimum fee based on their level too.


Anonymous mail sent
have anon mails you send to other people viewable in the history?
or send a copy to yourself for record?

Done. Due to the complex nature of anon mails, there could be bugs and issues. Please report any you find.

viewing all the image ads
"make a link to view all the image ads currently in circulation on the tc newspaper."

Customizable Faction Newsletter Subject Line (clicky): suggested by J0NATHAN- (Posted 5 December 2012)
Pretty straight forward really, make it possible to customize the faction newsletter subject when sending one! It will still be in blue like it is now (so people know its a faction newsletter).

"Efficient Stock Market" (update to "buy price" for stacked stock blocks)
Calculate the "buy price" for the stacked share block based on the average price per share across the smaller blocks being stacked.
Done. Please let me know in the bug reports if this isn't how you imagined it.


Allow more functionality while traveling.
More options from the laptop.
Most of this is done I believe, but I think we probably need a total remake of laptop.

Rent an Item
Rent items
I think this system adds a lot more complexity to the game to make this worthwhile.

Specific member $ access in faction
Members can only access their own cash.
This seems like it'd be very complicated to manage, just because they've donated money in the past means they can withdraw all of it now? Also we don't want factions to be more useful as banks.

New event - Arriving at destination
CityWatch event/sound when you arrive at a destination or Torn.
This would need the citywatch developer, we have built a todo list for him and hope to see these kind of updates soon.

Company bonus
Company Payday, pay all workers in one go.
After some investigation I think it's much simpler and better the way it is. Also it's this way to prevent issues with multis and staff money tracking.

Laptop for PC functionality
Let us use the laptop like a PC, for crimes and virus coding.
Perhaps in a future laptop update.

Close company/faction chatboxes
Close company/faction chats.
A future full scale chat update will include these options.

Bazaar Updates
An option to limit purchase amount to one per item
on players for a minute on bazaars

While this would be fairly easy to add, it'd create a lot of confusion on the bazaar settings. These added complications to the bazaar system for everyone are not really worth the benefit it would have on the minority who'd use it.

Updated chat settings
As with the revive settings it can have three settings,
Everyone, Friends & Faction members, No-one.

A system like this is already designed, but will not come until a future full scale chat update is released.

Private Faction Forum
create a subforum in the faction forums that can
only be accessed if given permission.

While this is possible, it'd make the already poor and complicated forum code even more so. Also I imagine it'd be a real pain on the settings side giving people access to it, what would you base it on, just members who are invited? On top of this, I'm pretty certain only a minority would make use of it.

Weapon Stat Comparison
the ability to compare item info, by enhancing the
item info page. add a complete drop down of all items,
items would be added/removed like players in the view
stats page.

A compare page is possible, but probably not needed with the new weapons and armour update. You will be able to see the damage and accuracy of weapons before you buy them as standard once it's out.

Job - show gross income + nett income
An image added at the bottom of the employee page the total wages of all employee in a company.
This isn't really possible under the current system as two different crons do the two different jobs (income / pay). However, with a future company update I think an advanced graph on the company main page would be fantastic - Showing income / wages / other company expenditure.

Watch List In Auction House.
- real timer last hour
- 1hr warning event
- a watched items category at top of auction

I think I'll just remake the auction house in the near future, with this included.

Warbase Count
At the top of warbase show a count of available targets
It's possible to easily add this at the bottom of the page, but much harder at the top. Perhaps a future warbase.

Cut Throat Razor
Bring the razor back as a weapon.
This can either be an Enhancer or a Weapon, and right now it is a crime enhancer.

Double posting
Prevent double posts by adding a limit between posts
A limit of 10 seconds already exists.

Add missing flags
Add the missing country flags for name backgrounds.
There seems to be a list of 150 missing flags, almost all of which wouldn't be used. I don't think it's worthwhile adding them.

Faction armoury improvements
- Withdraw all option.
- Multiple withdawal option.
- Multiple donations at once.

I think it's fine how it is now. Mass donating many different items at once would look a bit odd and hard to determine in the faction news. I think the 'withdraw all' options are really not needed and would just add more buttons which would hardly ever be used.

Forum reply event.
Get an event when someone replies to your post directly.
I think this addition as it is would cause more harm than good. Events would be spammed and more setting options complicate things. A 'Watch' system could be incorporated but I'm not sure how worthwhile this would be. I think our developer Kevin was looking at completely changing our own forum engine to a better and faster one which would have all of this included, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Federal jail message change.
Add a new status R.I.P which will be shown instead of Federal Jail.
I'm not entirely sure what this means. A whole new system similar to Federal Jail for this would be very hard to add and most likely cause a lot of bugs, it'd mean changing possibly hundreds of different pages. I think the current method is fine, and comes with a respectful description which is usually set to "Rest in peace".

View factions
"In addition to viewing Factions by Name/Age/Respect/member count.
Can we view Factions by ranking of Specials (Steadfast-Adept-etc)"

I can't really see how we'd do this. It'd be an entirely new page / system / hall of fame? Or a complicated and rather odd addition to the faction search? There's no where to fit this properly, and I don't want to create a whole new system for something not so important.

Donate crime enhancers to faction
add crime enhancers to the latest boosters upgrade?
Add a whole new armoury for crime enhancers? Not going to happen.

Travel Visas
"a limited amount of time that players can stay in one country at one time."
This could be quite a significant change and it hasn't received any support.

Happy bar revolution
add modifications to our happy bar based on some of the icons?
I understand the concept, but not how it'd actually work. You can't just give someone a boost of happy for being married, because then that happiness is used up, and you can't just increase the happiness cap when you sell an item. Not to mention the kind of abuse and 'happy farming' you'd see. It'd need a lot more work before looking any further.

shipping container crates
add bigger parcels, perhaps limited in quantity for sale?
I see no need for this. This would be quite a big and complex update with very little use. I can imagine less than 0.1% of the population using this.

Mailable bombs
anthrax through the mailbox feature itself?
*takes health if opened after bold has gone
*can hospitalize.

I feel people should be able to browse their mail without any fear. Although it might sound like a bit of fun, it's too random and removes the simplicity of just reading mails.

Crimes icons sprite helps reduce excessive HTTP requests
Sprites which include many images which the user probably won't see are not optimal. I.e. If someone is doing just two crimes, we don't need to load all icons for all of the crimes. The crimes system is being replaced at some point anyway.

Personal Respect
add chain count: to personal stats, have it count the hits a user does in a chain, then in the future,
doing more with this stat. such as a hidden increase to respect gains by a small % in oc the
user participates in.

I've already stated my opinion on personal respect. We can't have yet another form of currency, especially one that simply mirrors faction respect, gaining respect is a team building process where you selflessly gain it for your faction and not for personal gains alone. This would become void anyway with any new warring system.

Ability to buy multiple lottery tickets (clicky): suggested by Stobart (Posted 10 November 2012)
Again, pretty straight forward. Just like rehab works atm, allow players to buy lottery tickets by entering how many they'd like to buy. (Maybe like rehab, so on full torn its a slider, on mobile its a box where you enter the number).
I've been against this for some time, I don't want users to use up all of their casino tokens instantly with one click. It should take a little effort.

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