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Thread created on Mon Dec 03, 2012 18:15:11
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We'll update this informal sticky post mentioning & acknowledging site issues and changes / fixes which only the minority are interested in. Large changes and updates will always be announced separately.


08/08/13 - Sticky posted in the graphics forums
After careful consideration, we have decided that with Forums 2.0 we'll only be allowing signatures which have a maximum size of 600x100. You can use signatures bigger than this, however they will be automatically clipped to these dimensions.

This is in an effort to make the forums cleaner and more usable, and also to help prevent people from just turning signatures off completely.

I, with staff, have determined this to be the perfect size for the new forum layout. I'm sure most of you will agree when you see it.

We are giving you this prior notice, so when purchasing signatures on the forums, you can receive a 600x100 version at the same time for later use.

We've decided that at this smaller size, we will still allow flash, (but usually advise against it because it looks tacky)


11/06/13 - Chat issues
We're still having some issues with chat which hopefully should be resolved tonight. We're dedicated to eventually having a flawless chat system to build and expand upon.

11/06/13 - Faction war limit
The 'member war limit' on factions has now been increased from 300 members to 500. Allowing factions to have bigger wars with more factions at once.

05/06/13 - DDOS
Just as we resolve the hacking issues and the lag... Someone hits us with a DDoS. Only a baby one though. Alex is working to block it now.

18/05/13 - Unscheduled Downtime
The site went down at around 3am, and was brought back up when were made aware of it at 9:15am. New hardware is being installed this week, including two brand new load balancers. This is to attempt to solve connection issues and slowness many people have seen over the past couple of months. We're also moving our network connection from 1Gbps to 10Gbps which will further improve things and prevent smaller DDoS attacks. We'll have an announcement for you later. We apologise if the downtime affected you, I believe a donator day was not removed from users accounts today.

16/04/13 - Flight times
Flight times have changed slightly, this was due to a repositioning of the physical location of Torn City in the world in preparation of a future update. You shouldn't notice much of a difference, perhaps a few of minutes quicker/longer for some destinations. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


20/03/13 - 504 Downtime
We made some changes to the kernal which really seemed to solve lag issues regarding the site and chat. The site started lagging and having issues at around 2am. We woke up to bring Torn back up and failed over to the second load balancer by 3:30am. The initial load balancer will be looked at tomorrow to find the cause. We're hoping the second load balancer won't go down before then morning. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

28/01/13 - Faction war expiration
I believe we've fixed the issue which was automatically ending wars too soon. You have to make 0.5 hits for every member of the faction with the lowest amount of members, per day, to keep a war alive. The update is still not complete and we have some tweaking to do. Please don't whine and moan, this doesn't help at all. Simply state your opinion after knowing facts. It seems to be the anger of some of the users only comes from not fully understanding the system - which is perhaps somewhat my fault for not explaining it clearly enough. They rush to the forum the moment a change is made, hit caps-lock, and rage about something which actually doesn't even exist.

09/01/13 - Chat problems fixed
We believe the name changing issue on chat to now be fixed, thanks for your patience. We're also working on a completely new chat system, changing the back-end completely. This will be the base for a huge chat update which allows much more customisation. The base will be complete in around a month, the following updates which will improve chat will follow shortly after this.

28/12/12 - 20 minute downtime
We had a bit of downtime starting at we think, around 11am. This was due to a table we were moving. 140 million rows were being transferred from one table to another, and after two days of running a database server ran out of space - by being filled with binary logs. These were flushed to resolve the problem.

19/12/12 - Chat issues 2
Chat issues frustratingly still exist. The issues were caused by a huge group of changes made last Tuesday to fix all of the other site issues (I'm sure you notice how smooth the site is now). Unfortunately, the cause is not determined and it's very strange. While we want to completely rewrite the chat system, this system needs to be fixed ASAP so we're going to have to bring in an expert to take a further look.

12/12/12 - Chat issues
Some users are having issues with chat, this will be fixed very soon. The majority of users should be able to use chat fine. All other previously mentioned issues now seem to be resolved.

11/12/12 - Server uptime
We've added a downtime / uptime status on usersonline.php (You can get to it by clicking the server name on the sidebar). Here we accurately show all times when the site is fully down. We currently stand at a fairly impressive 99.8% uptime over the past 34 days. We believe the serious logout issues are fixed.

Note: This records very accurately the total site downtime at which no users had access to the server. It is very difficult to display other random issues affecting a minority of players and site speed / lag. It is not meant to be 'propaganda', we're not a criminal empire or a huge conglomerate trying to sway your opinions with false facts, it is the way it is. It's simply the site up time, which it is displaying, and accurately. Please stop with the crazy conspiracy theories.

10/12/12 - Logouts
We're aware of one webserver logging people out instantly as soon as they login. We're working on this now. You should be able to fix this by clearing your cookies. Also occasional random logouts are back because we've changed our session handling back to the old one. This fixes several huge problems we were having, but in return we get logouts again. We're work on fixing the logouts once and for all this week.

07/12/12 - Seasonal newsletter
For those who failed to receive newsletters, we've added a 'Resend seasonal newsletter' option in the email subscription settings page. This will try resending the seasonal newsletter to your email address - although you'll obviously not be able to receive the bonus again if it's already been claimed.

07/12/12 - Fatal DB Error
We're aware of the Fatal DB Error that is appearing occasionally, this will be fixed soon by server admins. It did cause one issue where users playing poker at the time were given 12-18 free merits. A quick fix was added in to remove any extra merits users may have.

04/12/12 - Bookie changes
We've added a $1 billion limit on bookie bets. This is so we can remove the limit on what kind of matches we can add to the bookie. Previously we were forced to use handicaps to limit a lot of games, now we can freely add matches of all odds. We've also added a clear notices on future handicapped games to avoid future confusion.

03/12/12 - Site issues and downtime
We're having troubles with a new session system (on mongoDB). We've agreed to hire a professional on this subject to come in and take a look as the problems we're facing are very strange indeed. The system can just crash randomly without warning and without changes. No, deleting inactive players will not help, please stop suggesting that "Clearing some space on the servers" would help in any way. If we'd delete anything it's personal stat data history which is currently hundreds of GB in size, but again - does not cause any lag at all. An inactive user takes up 2KB even if space was an issue (which it certainly isn't). The issue is very complicated, involving software-side advanced session handling and has no relation to how good the servers are or how many inactive players there are.

We've prepared an accurate visual to aid in understanding.


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