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Thread created on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:26:35
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Official Announcement of Torn 2.0.

Torn 2.0 is not a new game, but instead what were calling a multiple release expansion of several huge updates of core areas. The full 8 part expansion could be complete within 2 years, but as always, unforeseen issues can appear. Separate parts will be released as they are completed.

Attacking 2.0, Crimes 2.0, Hall of fame 2.0, City 2.0, Warring 2.0, Missions 2.0, Chat 2.0, Infrastructure 2.0.

For 8 years, since the very beginning of Torn, weve been extremely limited with what we can achieve and add because of the base systems of these core aspects.

What were currently working on will revolutionise Torn. Were creating entirely new bases of which are infinitely expandable. These will be the culmination of years of design, and months of coding.

I know they say developers should always Under-promise and Over-deliver. And this is generally the trait weve been trying to follow recently, but I wanted to let you know of our future plans so you dont think were all just sitting on our arses. I dont want to build up any hype, or say anything that could be mistaken as a false promise. This is just to let you know our plans for the future. Plans could be completely changed or even fall through.

I will still not be making promises or giving out any serious details, but Im personally more excited for Torn than Ive ever been in my almost decade stretch of working for Torn.

We cant give out too much information due to copycat sites trying to replicate our designs, plans may also still completely change before release.

We have six full time developers now, with varying skills and abilities, all of which are making these updates priorities. We will most likely be hiring outside contractors too for specific jobs.

Many smaller updates (not included in this list) will of course always be made during this time, for example; updates which are additions and improvements rather than complete base changes. For instance, new company specials & many more.

Attacking 2.0
Limitations: Life system, stat formulas, unexpandable base, unfixable bugs, 8 year old code.
Priorities: Group attacking, new ammo system, new life system, balanced stat formulas, infinitely expandable base, pave the way for many future attacking updates.
Sneak peak: Certainly the most controversial change (mainly due to life & damage changes to correct balance). Allows future expansion of infinite unique weapons, attachments, special ammo, weapon & armor rare bonuses, rare sets of armor, global NPC competitions and many other things that were not possible to add to the current attacking system.
Status: Fully designed and the simple base (primitive version) is at 80% completion. Announcement explaining the changes further will be posted prior to release. This initial base will probably be the first to be released to the public.

Crimes 2.0
Limitations: Too simple base and design, 8 year old code, unrealistic crime order, very poor structure, not database driven.
Priorities: Infinitely expandable crimes, subcrimes and outcomes, every crime is a unique system, many new crimes like Racketeering, Pimping, Card skimming e.t.c.
Sneak peak: Unique crime effects: Police response time, hundreds of unique targets/victims of varying availability, rank up prostitutes, area notoriety, full kidnapping process, build client bases, collect money printers.
Status: Base design complete (25 pages), 19 crimes loosely designed, 2/19 crimes fully designed. Construction starts in around a month. This system cannot be released in phases, but only once all 19 crimes are completed - which will delay the official full release for a long while.

Hall of fame 2.0
Limitations: No real constant indication of progress, lack of competition between others, lack of encouragement to do better.
Priorities: A hall of fame which shows your live ranking placement on several main stats compared with every other player.
Sneak peak: Records previous rankings of the user to be compared with current ones. Be rewarded for increasing your placement within the rankings. Easier usability, and more functions.
Status: Base design and code complete. A few of the new servers were added with the new Hall of fame in mind. Now that these are in, construction can continue soon.

City 2.0
Limitations: One of the key pages of the game which looks far too plain. There is potential for much more.
Priorities: Personal identification with Torn City, increased storyline, base for new missions and faction warfare, better new player journey.
Sneak peak: The city map is comprised of 7 districts, over 2,500 city blocks, and over 10,000 unique buildings. Explore and discover new areas. (Plain city as its seen today will still exist as a quick links panel).
Status: 12000x7000 Map is 90% complete, construction of the browser & HUD for the map will begin soon. But I imagine this will take some time.

Warring 2.0
Limitations: I feel like weve failed to bring an engaging and serious war system to Torn. Things dont feel like they did in the Old days.
Priorities: Actual color coded visible territory on the map, which can be warred for possession.
Sneak peak: Take over city blocks with your faction for daily respect and hold key locations for benefits. Areas closer to the center provide increased gains. Factions spread out around the city and can own multiple blocks limited by respect costs. Easily enough space for new and old factions, but with plenty of wars over profitable territory.
Status: The design for this system is complete, however it requires a complete, functional and released City 2.0. Construction will take some time and will be tricky.

Missions 2.0
Limitations: Very poor structure and initial mission code, making it very ugly management and code wise to add new missions.
Priorities: A vastly expansive base for hundreds of Storyline / Repeatable missions and many mission givers.
Sneak peak: A new currency Mission points may appear to spend on new interesting treats.
Status: This is lowest down on the todo list, some base design has been made with some great ideas included. Construction wont start until some of the others are complete.

Chat 2.0
Limitations: Server side structure is not optimal, and is rather limited.
Priorities: A flawless chat system with many more tools and options to limit who can chat with you.
Sneak peak: More customization and more importantly, a globally used chat system which always works. The back end, and probably most of the front end will be completely replaced.
Status: Full design is completed, listing all of the current bugs and new features required (19 pages). Currently seeking an expert to take on the job.

Infrastructure 2.0
Limitations: Currently we have an unacceptable amount of lag, single points of failure and some non-ideal infrastructure with poor resilience
Priorities: A fully redundant infrastructure with enough capacity to handle our users
Sneak peak: We have moved our MySQL databases to this setup, and in the last week our MongoDB installation has also moved to a new and resilient setup. We have also in the last week finally moved the cron server to a physical machine after an unacceptable number of crashes and other performance problems caused by its existing virtual environment.
Status: There is much to be done - attention is now turning to web servers, to reduce the problems we have with some servers and some issues that have proven hard to track down with loadbalancing (causing, for example, logging out). Longer term we will be focusing more effort on preventing lag.

This post is just to let you know that we are always working hard on huge new projects, and development will never go stale here at Torn.


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