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Thread created on Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:15:37
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World war is back!

You can now join a flag, and fight others to increase your score.

We decided not to base the results on ratios for this year, as there was never any clear way to see what was happening, and ratios kept bouncing around all over the place. This was especially apparent when last time, the system selected the winners and closed the competition a few seconds later,(giving the impression to users that other people had won when viewing a closed page which should have been no longer accessible).

We're trying out a scoring system. You'll earn +2 for your flag when making a hit against another flag, you'll lose -1 if you're attacked by another flag. This way, scores will always be going up giving some discernible progression.

This is also to balance out the Huge countries vs. Small tactical countries. Previously small flags filled with only high levelled players had a huge advantage, now, numbers will mean slightly more - although smaller tactical teams can still easily compete. I think the results should be very interesting!

- There is a 2,500 limit on the amount of people who can join a single flag.
- There's a new honor for first place, to join the other two.
- Introducing 'High-priority' targets, take these out to cripple the enemy flag by preventing their biggest attackers.
- The competition will automatically close on midnight of September 30th (TCT).

Also - Due to the amount of complaints about the competition slider (previously seen on the right side of every page), it has been removed and will most likely not be returning. Now, the link will appear in the sidebar and will flash yellow whenever the competition status changes.

Update: Being one of the 3 top hitters for your flag will earn you the option to be re-assigned randomly to one of the top 10 flags on the 20th of September. This is to reward those making an effort by giving them a second chance.

This should also spur up some more attacks against the currently leading flags. Small flags have as much of a chance as any other flag if they work together to reduce the scores of those currently leading.


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