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Thread created on Mon Sep 03, 2012 16:26:33
Last replied to on Mon Sep 03, 2012 17:26:33
These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
After over six months of discussions with the committee and staff, going through every possible scenario, we finally decided on a reasonable way of bringing back the hardcore element of hospital... somewhat.

Hardly any of you will actually be effected by this new cooldown, and it shouldn't even be a factor during huge wars. Only people who have angered many other people would find themselves reaching the cap. To be locked in hospital for an entire day, you'd need to be hospitalized around 20-24 times constantly throughout the day (varies depending on biology education courses and hospitalization merits).

Update: For some reason Hotshots and BigBoi don't understand my example above. Let me explain.
Take 25 morphines, you've used up your cooldown. You can then take them throughout the day as it expires, another 24. That's 49 morphines in a single day if you start with a fresh cooldown, and basing it on a 2.5 morphines required per hospitalization.

Much like the booster cooldown, you have 24:00:00 of free time to use up. Morphine adds 60 minutes, First aid kits add 30 minutes, and small first aid kits add 15 minutes. With Neumune adding 6 hours.

"This update was proposed to make going to the hospital have more impact on players, make people think twice before instantly using medical items immediately after going to the hospital, and allow players with vendettas to actually hurt each other (e.g. scammers)."

Please see the full committee vote here:

- The award 'Attention seeker' (50,000 medical items used) has been reduced to 25,000. (Please allow 24 hours)

We're aware of the concerns raised, and we'll be watching this very closely. Changes to bounties and the attacking system are on the table. We'll very easily be able to optimize this system if issues arise.


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