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Thread created on Fri Aug 31, 2012 13:47:27
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Weve just launched a new icon system which puts the old one to shame. We also know how much some people hate change, so weve added complete customisation allowing you to change size, order and even the icons themselves to custom community made sets. You can find the icon customisation by clicking Settings and then going to Your icons.

As usual, with such a change. Please give them some time to get used to.

Main features:

- Icons are now independent beings and are not generated on every pageload (speeding things up).
- Icons now have tooltips which provide you with personal information.
- Around 20 new icons have been added to tell you as much about your account as possible.
- Clicking each icon will take you to the page in question.
- Icons have been redesigned after a lot of work to look clearer and more professional.
- Icons will now appear on the sidebar the instant theyre activated.
- Icons will pulse when theyre about to expire
- More icons are now visible for other people when viewing lists, profiles or forums.
- Some icons will alert you of a change. For example, completed educations, races finished, investments, e.t.c.
- Cooldown icons will change depending on how high the cooldown is. Alerting you when theyre close to finishing.

Please note, the briefcase icon is now the global standard for Job and not bazaar. Bazaar is instead now a silver circle with a flag.

Currently only one set (Standard) is available, but were interested to see what the community creates. You can upload your own icon set to your profile images and theyll instantly be available on your icon set list. If we spot any good ones, well put them in the official list too along with the creators name.



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