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Thread created on Thu Aug 16, 2012 15:25:37
Last replied to on Thu Aug 16, 2012 16:25:37
Thanks for your patience!

The server move was a success with minimal issues, and was completed within the time frame we set.

There was a short roll-back of one hour which I don't think was much of a problem. Players were basically set back by one hour. I.e. Having recently trained stats taken away and given back the energy. This could have been corrected with a full restore, but this would have meant taking the site down for another three hours so we didn't feel it was worth it. If you did receive any negative side effects (other than the one hour roll-back) please calmly submit a bug report explaining it in as much detail as possible and it will be resolved for you.

This move replaced our previous database servers which follows weeks of testing. We're now fully redundant and can easily and quickly come back from server crashes - in fact, users may not even notice a thing in the event of a crash. The site should be a lot faster, although will require optimising first and waiting for the servers to fully power up (building indexes e.t.c.).

As with any server change, I have no doubt that there will be small issues until stability is achieved. Please report issues in the Bugs & Issues forum.

Congratulations to Alex (Davz) for completing our biggest and hardest server move in the history of Torn.


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