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Thread created on Sun Aug 05, 2012 14:24:11
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Hello everyone,

The Endurance Challenge is now open with four more tasks and another honor. This time focusing on travelling. Please note that this may be the last instalment of the competition without grasping at straws unless we can think of worthy challenges for next year.

We're happy with the results of Mr/Miss Torn, the voting system was very fair this time around. Without being able to easily view the persons profile and pay for votes lead to people simply voting on the quality of the photo. Congratulations to all winners!

We're always working on new competitions and would like to show you a calender we've been working on. Some of these may not happen, it just depends on how the design goes and whether we have enough free time from other updates to complete them.

The idea is that eventually, competitions will be released on the 5th of each month, finishing at the end of that month. With a 5 day grace period for the results.

January 5th - King of the Hill (Cancelled - Pending merger with new faction war system)
February 5th - Empty slot
March 5th - Happy Tagging
April 5th - Easter egg hunt
May 5th - Empty slot
June 5th - Boss Fight (Unconfirmed, requires new attack system)
July 5th - Mr / Miss Torn
August 5th - Endurance Challenge
September 5th - World War
October 5th - Halloween Town
November 5th - Torn of the Dead
December 5th - Christmas Town


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