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Thread created on Thu Jul 19, 2012 16:00:01
Last replied to on Thu Jul 19, 2012 17:00:01
Here's the most recent patch list of all the smaller things we've been working on recently in order of most recently completed.

- Bank, Education, Hospital & Jail now have live timers. [Community suggestion]

- On completion of graphical advertisements, an event will now be given to the user. [Community suggestion]

- Added timers and 'Out of hospital' notification when using medical items. [Community suggestion]

- Added 'Use another' after using many different items. [Community suggestion]

- Changed rarity ratings and added 'number of different items' when viewing display cabinets.

- Slightly improved the drugs LSD, Cannabis & Shrooms.

- Added live cooldown counter to drug usage.

- Collectible items are now officially any misc/other item which has 100 or under in circulation. This updates weekly.

- All 629 item images remade and significantly improved to highest quality for web images possible.

- Item search added to item market.

- New item categories added for the item market. [Community suggestion]

- Fluctuating NPC stock buying limit added. [Economy]

- Changed property vaults to have both withdraw and deposit options instead of single field. [Community suggestion]

- Removed 3 day requirement of being in a faction before donating.

- Changed cost of the four faction armouries from points to cash.

- Added confirmation page to levelling up. [Community suggestion]

- Added automatic timeout of inactive or old custom races. [Community suggestion]

- Drastically improved custom race list and usability. [Community suggestion]

- Added passive starter job and property specials to perks list.

- An equipped hazmat suit now protects against dirty bomb build process radiation, public radiation events and Vs. Faction radiation events.

- Personal Stat Archive updating fixed (finally)

- When changing properties, happiness will no longer drop. Only the cap will change. [Community suggestion]

- Warbase link added after hospitalizing someone when user is in a faction. [Community suggestion]

- Newly started bank investments will now provide an event when they end. [Community suggestion]

- Reduced amount of steps it takes in racing to join/leave races and change car. [Community suggestion]

- Added 'Exchange again' button after trading items for points in the museum. [Community suggestion]

- Added option to equip a weapon or armour after purchase

- Racing double click car bug has been fixed (finally)

- Corrected Message Inc's newspaper style.

- Opera Mini issue with Torn Captcha has been fixed.

- Fixed virus coding from ending one day sooner than it should.

- Improved default car picking in racing.

- Fixed URL handling.

- Added continue button to recaptcha for mobile phone devices. [Community suggestion]

- Allowed attack logs to be viewed while travelling. [Community suggestion]

- Stored last number of gym trains in cookie for mobile mode.

- Made changes to validator system to allow REcaptcha in mobile mode.

- Added progress bar to special gyms.

- Issue with energy refill count in personal stats has been fixed.

- Introduced daily flush of factions data for chat rooms.

- Mexico page on wiki now works, and fixed general bug with the way we handle wiki URLs.

- Allow ( and ) in [url] tags in forums.

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