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Thread created on Thu Jul 19, 2012 15:49:20
Last replied to on Thu Jul 19, 2012 16:49:20
These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
A couple of months ago, we asked you on our facebook fan page what quick changes/updates you'd like to see on Torn. 21 of the 270 community suggestions have been selected and added.

We're also working with the committee (which is currently being reformed) on ideas from the suggestions forum. We have a nice long to do list. For all recent updates made to Torn, please see the patch list which we'll release shortly in another announcement.

Suggestions from the Facebook community
Please see below, in no particular order...

Thomas Lafferty
Less screens for joining another race

Completed: Reduced amount of steps it takes to join / leave a race or change car.

John William Niblett Anderson
being able to access the bank after having it finish and still be there in Notificatins?

Completed: Newly started investments will now provide an event when they end.

Daniel Scott-Weekly
quick link to the war base after hosping someone.

Completed: Warbase link added after hospitalizing someone when user is in a faction

Bill Ditomaso
A way to upgrade spare properties without having to move into them.

Completed: Compromise - No change is made to happiness when changing properties, only the cap. This allows freely moving between properties to upgrade them.

Frank Vacirca
Not having to click yes three times when using drugs from the faction armory.

Completed: Using drugs and medical items from faction now only has one confirmation.

Alicia Drenthe
Ease with adding items to your bazaar by making it so you can add multiple different items at their own set prices from the add item page without having to go back repeatedly to add more items to bazaar and a similar feature for display cases.

Completed: Mass bazaar and display cabinet adding / removing / sorting / price changing.

Wong Chee How
Show members' status in faction's user list. View faction not only list according the factions' age, sort by members number, respects too. Easier for a leader/co to make decision on declaration. Of course increase 3 factions limit to be declared is important too.

Completed: 'Sort by' added to the 'View factions' list, and status is now available when viewing other factions member lists.

Andy Lomo
view market prices of items when your adding things to the bazaar

Completed: Now recording all sale prices and average sell price of all items using a weekly cross median-mean average, and displaying this information on bazaar add / pricing. Generally setting an item to this price means it will sell within a week.

Jen Thomason
the ability to turn in multiple job points at once

Completed: The very long process of making job points mass-usable is now complete in starter job specials & company specials. At the same time, starter job and company specials have been improved.

Brandon Buchholz
I'd really like to see a confirm page to upgrade.

Completed: There's now a confirmation page before you will actually level up.

Jeffrey Cheng
Every time I need to validate and I press try again to do crime, it gives me an error. How about fixing that?

Completed: This is fixed

Geoff Smith
id like to see faction upgrades buyable with cash

Completed: Changed prices of faction armouries from points to cash so they are in-line with the other upgrades. Also improved general layout structure and removed 3 day restriction before being able to donate to a faction.

Cosmin Stefan
i would really, really like to modify the properties vault page and make it like the company funds, with withdraw and deposit

Completed: Vaults now have withdraw and deposit options instead of a single field.

Paul Ebrey
More catagories for the Items, make it easier for browsing in item market. A few suggestions, Flowers, Crime Objects (Gas Can and Coat Hanger are in usefull supplies but a lot are in other.), Drinks ect. Also some items arent catagorised properly already, Why isn't box of meds in medical. box of grenages in temps? ect

Completed: New item types, edible useless items, & item market restructure.

Peter Owen
When refilling energy it gives the option of going back to the points shop or the gym. How about adding faction warbase in there?

Completed: Warbase link added

Bradley Presley Gledhill
When you take a drug on your phone and ou are currently on the effect of a drug it should say, "You can't take another drug until you current drug effect wears off in *** minutes" [89686]

Completed: All drugs and boosters now show live cooldowns.

Cory McGee
you should make a ticking count down for the hospital

Completed: Bank, Education, Hospital & Jail now have live timers.

Josh Gray
I would like to see if a Race has a password or not, with out having to click on it to see. Also races need to time out to remove the inactive floater races that will never be raced. Some thing that would make the race more fun, is a update every lap on who is leading how far back everyone else is. This would almost make us feel like we are watching a race. Even more cool... if we could watch the race but I understand that would leave the "text game" and be a game in its own.

Completed: You can now see which races have passwords & inactive races are deleted. New live race overview viewing is under construction by the flash team.

Joshua Miller
lottery vouchers... i like to save them up but i hate it when i have to use all of them bc it takes so long to use them

Completed: Added 'Use Another' to most usable items including medical items.

Luke Aldous
Adding an event when your Graphics Advertisement ends, I have posted this in the forums and to you on Twitter, I want this!! haha 969606

Completed: Graphic ad's now give event on completion

Maliki Smith
jail riots

In discussion: In design phase with the committee

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