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Thread created on Tue May 29, 2012 19:15:36
Last replied to on Tue May 29, 2012 20:15:36
Weve changed the starter job specials system in the following ways.

- You now get job points depending on how high your rank is (1 per rank).
- Current job points stored up have been divided by 2,000. Weve given you 5 minimum.
- There are now 4 job specials per job.
- Added some new passive abilities which give a constant bonus even if you leave the job. (like the revive ability for brain surgeon)
- Some original specials have received boosts, like the army stat gains.
- You can now select how many job points you wish to use.

The job specials available are now as follows:

Brute force (Strength boost)
Steal weapon
Bear the brunt (Defence boost)
Hire a spy (statistics of someone)

Steal cash
Steal candy (Provides bag of candy for happiness)
Steal alcohol (Provides bottle of alcohol for nerve)
Steal energy drink (Provides can of energy drink)

Collect tips (+ money)
Pocket tokens (Provides casino tokens, maximum stored no longer gets reset at midnight)
Steal cash
Count cards (+ money)

Steal small first aid kit
Steal first aid kit
Steal morphine

Contempt of court (Nerve boost)
Class action lawsuit (+ money & hidden feature)
Criminal defence (Get someone out of jail)
Judicious (A constant passive 10% crime success bonus)

Extra curricular (manual labour)
Perseverance (endurance)
Bookworm (intelligence)
Cheat sheet (A constant passive 10% education time decrease bonus)

Weve also made many other updates, and are continuing to make more based on community suggestions over the next couple of weeks.


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