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Thread created on Fri May 25, 2012 23:28:08
Last replied to on Sat May 26, 2012 00:28:08

This is just a quick warning to let you know that we'll be changing the way job points in starter jobs work. The system will change to be more in-line with companies.

You will earn 1 job point per day for every job rank you're promoted.

I.e. In the army, you'll earn 1 per day for being a Private, 2 per day for being a Corporal, and 10 per day for being a General.

The job specials of course will be drastically reduced in cost. We've also added many more job specials (now 4 per starter job) and improved others (for example job points for stats now yields lots more stats).

We'll be dividing all currently built up starter job points by 2,000. We think this is fair and acceptable. You can either keep them saved up to use on new/improved job specials, or spend your current job points over the next couple of days under the current system.

This change is to help new players with the transition from starter jobs to companies, and to make the earning and spending of job points simpler and more understandable.

We'll be releasing this new system over the next two or three days.


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