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Thread created on Wed Nov 02, 2011 16:39:29
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These updates or changes have been approved by the Player Committee
Hello everyone,

Weve just launched a brand new gym system. This is the culmination of many weeks of work, with many brand new features and the ability to earn more stats than you currently do now!

The changes are as follows...

- 30 New gyms ranging from Light weight to Specialist gyms.

- To unlock new gyms, simply train. Youll slowly gain Gym EXP which will allow you to access new and better gyms.

- Lightweight class gives less stats than the old system does, but youll find the gyms after that will provide more. Weve given everyone access to Global Gym, this gym will give roughly the same stats as Average Joes once did, although it uses 5 energy and not 10. Youll still have to work your way up through the gyms starting with Premier Fitness however.

- All gyms have unique action text for each stat, for example: "You managed to complete 1 bicep curl using the 23kg dumbbells". Youll see this action text constantly improve as you increase your stats.

- All gyms are unique, some will provide more stats than others, some will not allow you to train certain stats at all. You can see the gym overview before you purchase a membership to see roughly what stats youll be getting.

- The specialist gyms include specific stat only gyms, specialist whore builds only and a drug free gym which has been promised for a long time. This drug free gym is for people who have used almost no drugs at all. It will provide very good trains but is very expensive. This is to reward people who have chosen the drug free route, and slightly makes up for the stats theyve missed out on by not taking drugs.

Please note we may be changing a) Exp requirements. b) Gym costs. c) Gym gains. Until were happy they are perfect. We wont be drastically changing things, this is just a disclaimer.

Although thoroughly tested by staff and the committee, there may still be a few minor issues. Please do report any you find in the bugs forum.


Forum Main>>Announcements>> Update: New gym system - 30 new gyms
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