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Thread created on Sun Oct 02, 2011 03:23:04
Last replied to on Sun Oct 02, 2011 04:23:04
- Introducing a new webserver "Envy", this is to reduce load and issues that some people have been having over the past week.

- If you have more energy than the maximum, it will no longer reset back to the maximum over time. I.e. When using Xanax or a job special to increase your energy. This is a trial to see how it effects gameplay, it may be changed in the future.

- MSC Stock special has been reduced to 300 (from 500) to balance the above change. These two changes may be reversed or altered if problems occur.

- When editing a post, it now redirects you back to the same page you edited from.

- Fixed NPC stock buying cron which appeared to clash with another cron running at the same time causing it to fail.

- If an item in a bazaar changes price during a transaction, the buyer is alerted and the transaction is cancelled.

- Fixed issue which allowed user to move in to property directly after buying it, without removing current properties vault contents.

- Fixed an issue with Oilrig special - 'Oil Mogul'.

- Fixed some HTML issues.

- Fixed additional pages when searching forums with a search containing more than one word.

- Added screenreader support for world war competition.

- Many fixes made to BBcode links.

- Many fixes made to City Watch.

- Many fixes made to Chat, with some fixes ongoing.

- Spelling / Grammar corrections.

Forum Main>>Announcements>> Patch: Fixes and Updates 02/10/11
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