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Thread created on Tue May 03, 2011 15:19:38
Last replied to on Tue May 03, 2011 16:19:38
- Home page received long-overdue make over. Previous attacks and Perks can now also be seen on the page. Home now acts like a 'dashboard' showing you all of the information you require on one page. You can personally customise it by moving boxes around and collapsing ones you don't need.

- Profiles page received long-overdue make over. Profile signatures size and background has been changed to match style. We're sorry if you now need to change it to work on the new scheme.

- Cooldown on happy boosters greatly reduced

- Education page changed. Image hover overs and progress bars added.

- Most property images have been recreated

- Added racing icon to sidebar

- Added bazaar icon to sidebar

- Added relevant links to all current icons

- Added image preloading for many hover-over images on Torn.

- Fixed laboratory not showing up in upgrades for some factions

- Fixed issue of spouse sometimes appearing to live in two different properties

- Fixed drug cooldown appearing when trying to use a booster.

- Adding someone to your ignore list will now prevent them from being able to start new chats with you.

- Changed the points spent value on each car in racing to the actual value of the amount of points accumulated from the current parts on

the car to prevent unfair matchmaking. (Instead of total amount of points spent on the car including replacement costs).

- Massively reduced load on racing stats page. Races now only record the best lap in a single race to prevent load.

- Fixed issue which would sometimes prevent people from being able to change to a less-upgraded car in official racing

- Improved and simplified hunting validator. No longer logged out with incorrect number. Correct number takes you straight to hunting.

- Unintended cap on very large casino streaks removed.

- Fixed double box from showing when certain people tried to give out medical items and drugs from their faction.

- Corrected clothing category on Sports Sneakers

- Fixed issue with sports sneakers in Woodys while javascript is turned off

- Added level check error message on submitting news article

- Fixed minor issue in attack logs showing random names

- Changed order of transactions in stock portfolio so older transactions show as having the bonus instead of newer ones

- Changed 'Sargent' misspelling to 'Sergeant' and all other systems supporting it.

- Changed all emoticons so they only appear if a space has been added before them

- Enabled Gossip / News pages for laptop

- Fixed grammar / spelling issues.

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