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Thread created on Fri Mar 18, 2011 16:32:38
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Hello everyone,

Were looking at making some changes to the stock market to allow users to freely buy and sell shares. Buying and selling will not be completely instant, but a much easier process than it is now. The system will act as a buyer and seller along with other actual players. It will distribute shares on to markets which are sparse, and buy up shares which are up for sale. This will be very closely watched to make sure that no serious amount of money is entering the economy.

Well also be changing the stock specials system, so users will no longer have to have a certain amount of money in a stock, but a certain amount of shares to activate the bonus. This will massively simplify the system making it much easier to manage your shares, itll also remove the tactic of splitting shares which has been a controversial subject for the past year. Users at the moment can make a large investment, and split their shares over a period of time until their actual investment is very small. Gaining the large stock benefits without investing much at all, which is of course detrimental to the economy.

Stock investments are, exactly that: Investments. We take money out of the economy (as you invest in shares) and exchange that money for bonuses. Its not an investment if you get to have the stock bonuses and your money back.

Well be removing the stock specials temporarily (youll be given an in-game event when this is done). Once the system is changed, we will enable them again, but youll need to buy the required amount of shares to get the full bonus. We may have a week long cool down period where youll be able to buy your stock benefits and get the bonus instantly instead of having to wait for the required amount of time. Also with this change there should be plenty of shares available for you to buy to actually make the investments. And with the other changes in place buying and selling will become profitable once again (even if only on a small scale).

After the big crimes system change (as explained in the blog) well be creating a highly detailed live graph detailing Torns economy. Showing which parts of the game are throwing money in to the system, and which ones are taking it out. Our aim is to not only cease inflation, but start a period of deflation. With a graph in sight, youll be able to see and understand why were making the changes we are, and perhaps prevent uproars.

This change shouldn't affect you if you haven't 'skimmed' your stocks. This was an unforeseen issue on our part and we are simply resolving it. The issue being that you're allowed to keep your shares even though your investment is much lower than it should be. I.e. Getting your very good stock benefits for almost nothing. We're sorry if you feel we should allow this exploit to continue. The issue was our fault and we are fixing it.

We're not taking away ANY shares. This fix does not affect your shares, ONLY the special rewards received once shares meet a certain criteria.


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