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Thread created on Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:26:10
Last replied to on Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:26:10
Hey folks, another patch list here.

Also in case you're interested - We have a new blog up. This time I finally answer a bunch of player questions which were sent in some time ago. Thanks to Kharma for setting that up.

- Added matchmaking to Class A racing. This matches equally skilled drivers, giving much fairer races.
- When entering a custom race which is ready to start, sometimes the race would begin before a user could pick their car. An additional 60 seconds is now added to the start time once a user joins a custom race which is ready to start.
- Added additional notebooks for donators. You can now create and rename up to five different note pads, accessed via the city.
- Bookie winnings will now be stored with the bookie for up to three days, you can withdraw your money by going to the bookie.
- Added personal ranks at the bottom of each hall of fame wing
- Improved appearance and layout of hall of fame
- Made the huge payouts on political assassination organised crime less common
- Re-added 'best chain' in to faction profiles and faction information
- Changed default cap of blackjack from 10 million to 100 million
- Made slight changes to bbcode quotes, and added [code]
- Removed the specific amount of money mugged in live events on the front page
- Fixed live events so that they also show the attacks made, instead of just the defends.
- Fixed issues with Online / Offline status on front page profiles for referred users
- Fixed issue which allowed you to pick a car which was under the required class of car for custom races
- Fixed some size issues with low res browsers in racing
- Fixed some layout issues on Internet explorer in racing
- Fixed issue which allowed you to see who had sent you an anonymous mail when searching for it.
- Fixed validation issue when clicking the wrong link in South Africa.
- Fixed overline and strikethrough in bbcode
- Removed bugged link from the 'No posts made yet' text on company forums.
- Some typos and spelling errors are resolved

Forum Main>>Announcements>> Patch: Fixes and Updates 05/01/11
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