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Thread created on Fri Dec 24, 2010 04:33:29
Last replied to on Fri Dec 24, 2010 04:33:29
- Added 'Do not bump' feature to forums which is linked in with the rating system to allow low quality threads to fall quicker
- Thumbs up now makes a thread rise in the thread list, thumbs down drops it
- General forum improvements
- Added the ability to open and close bazaars
- Added application counter on the faction staff panel
- Added day counter to stock shares to show how long you have owned them
- Added 17 new items which increase success rates on the different crimes
- Added temporary throwing item 'The book'
- Added 'Horses head' which works similarly to the small explosive device
- Added the ability to disguise your 'Small explosive device' and 'Horses head' as a different item
- Fixed issue that displayed the wrong previous dual weapon win in the auction house
- Cleaned up subscriber icon
- Added cooldown to certain boosters such as cans, bottles, bags of candy and FHCs.
- Fixed blank screen occurring some times on the 'Sell Pills' crime.
- Corrected an Armed Robbery crime which was not correctly putting users in jail/hospital.

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Forum Main>>Announcements>> Patch: Fixes and Updates 24/12/10
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