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Thread created on Fri Dec 03, 2010 00:39:26
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Torn has been a fantastic success over the past 5+ years, and I've thoroughly enjoyed creating and running it. The Torn community has grown to become very large and very supportive.

It is my personal dream to see Torn rise further and further, and I have never believed that Torn should ever stand still. We must continue trying to find ways to improve life for our community, while not forgetting our roots and the core of what Torn is and always has been about.

There are some improvements in the pipeline, particularly focused on growing our community by helping improve the experience for newer members. We are very keen to hear your ideas for how we can improve Torn - please post ideas in the suggestions forum or get in touch with staff who have been asked to pass on your views.

The funding system for our city is going to be changing too. Unlike every other city, we do not impose taxes, but simply ask regular players who get enjoyment out of Torn to donate to support the site. Donators are important to us and play a critical role in keeping the city that we all enjoy alive and healthy.

Donators have some additional advantages (such as faster refill times) but it is by no means essential to donate to play Torn and we are committed to keeping it this way

Effective today, there are now three methods by which you can donate: a one off donation pack (purchasable in multiple quantities) and a monthly/annual subscription. A one off donation pack is effectively identical to a current donator pack and has the same advantages, although rather than providing it as an item we will simply automatically apply the donation pack to your account. Bonus points are offered for larger numbers of donator packs purchased in one order. Additionally, a new option of a subscription - either monthly or annually - allows you to setup an automatic subscription to Torn at a regular interval which provides one donation pack per month, although this donation pack provides an increased number of points (75). Note that you can of course cancel this subscription at any time.

It is through donations, and particularly the very small number of users who make regular donations, that Torn is the exciting world of adventure that it is. Your donations directly fund boring but essential things like the servers that we run on and the people that manage these servers, but also recent new features such as instant chat, poker and some upcoming features (such as Chess, which I know we promised some time ago - frustratingly Chess is in fact finished and working perfectly in our development environment but there are some last minute technical problems when running it on our live setup that are proving very difficult to resolve before launch).

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing some features designed to help new players understand and get involved in the fantastic Torn community as quickly as possible, by following some recommended paths to explore Torn which can be a confusing place to new players. If you have any friends who may be interested in joining Torn, this would be a great time to get them to start to play and we would be very interested in their feedback. Remember that you get rewards for referring new players who go on to become active.

To conclude, thank you to all players for your huge support. I understand that some of these changes are controversial, but we have thought long and hard about them and were sure that they are essential for the future of Torn.

Many thanks.

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