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Announcements 615
Chedburn [1]
Important announcements and issues are posted here by staff.
Stickies: Don't miss the memo... (08-08-13)
General Discussion 13299 TH™ K_kole [1726186]
Come here for all your basic Torn City related chat
Stickies: No stickies
Non Related 25931
UnknownElement [450910]
Want to talk about things not related to Torn City? Come here.
Sub Forums: TV & Movies , Music , Technology , Gaming , Sports , Politics & Law , Pets , Food & Health
Questions 82401
dunmugmeh [538353]
Ask your questions here for answers from staff and other players.
Stickies: Adding media to your profile (22/03/12) Hit map , Newb Guides (Merits/BB Code/Forum Sigs) (17/04/11) , Newbie Guide to Items by Deathy
Faction Talk 1243 LS Rekker [1761]
Want to discuss a war or talk about factions? Post in here!
Stickies: Faction buying and selling
Faction Recruitment 23408 MnC2 System [214286]
Is your faction looking for members? Post your details here!
Stickies: Need a Faction? Post your details here!
Fun & Games 23632
LSD_ADD1CT [1791092]
Come here for all the latest Torn City contests!
Stickies: TORN intro video - $1,000 USD to be won!!! , Group Effort - Compilation Video
Trading Post 136025
BeRusGiGi [1018532]
Need to buy or sell your stuff? Place your ad here.
Stickies: Need a bust? , Buying/Selling Spies , STICKY for ALL Slutting Services Inside
Gambling 6402
BK-LOC [133645]
For all your RR, poker and other gambling needs.
Stickies: Poker FAQ , Blackjack - How to Play / Strategy Guide , Bookies Sticky - New Info, Please Read
Company Discussion 101 JUX bogie [148747]
Discuss the different companies and share your progress. This forum is not for company recruitment.
Stickies: This forum is not for recruitment
Company Recruitment 36002
BeRusGiGi [1018532]
Buying or selling your company? Post here. Also, tips for running your company.
Stickies: Buying/Selling of Companies , New: Looking for work?
Properties 20361 TH™ Pitbull [1416665]
Buying and selling properties or want info about houses? Come here!
Stickies: Housing Rental/Sharing
Stock Market 68862 HYF Quan [1778268]
Look here for stock tips.
Stickies: No stickies
Racing 1407 31st RiverNinny [1712720]
All Torn City raceway related discussion should be directed here.
Stickies: No stickies
Graphics 36601 - prime- [1196263]
Selling signatures, graphical competitions and all other graphics related content should be posted here
Stickies: Resources thread , Do's and Don'ts of Graphics - READ , TutorialThread v2.
IRC General 1273 JFA SweetDeandra [1791461]
Chat about irc channels, get a mirc tutorial, and updates for irc.
Stickies: Alternate IRC Port , Official Torn Chat Box Rules , Teddy's [How to..] IRC Guide (Upd. 16 Oct 2011)
Roleplay 1344
IronEyes [1843138]
For anything your imagination can think up.
Stickies: No stickies
Game Achievements 12458 JUX David [132845]
Did you do something spectacular in Torn City? Bring it here.
Stickies: Nerbas' Hall of Fame
Bugs & Issues 25898 IBB Megalomaniacal [1542618]
Post your bugs and problems you have here to be fixed.
Stickies: EXPLOITS & DANGEROUS BUGS , READ: How to post a bug! , How to make a screenshot
Suggestions 28833 ~SA~ uniq [225661]
Think you have a great idea for Torn City? Post it here!
Stickies: Create your own mission! , Summary Of Suggestions - Added Some Screenshots , Do NOT Suggest- Read here first
Graveyard 81973 BoD Sweeney_Todd [27468]
Dead, unwanted threads lie here. Enter at your own risk!
Stickies: IRC How To Competition , Royal Wedding Special Bets , Ched's Teamspeak Dollar Sale - Hosted by Body

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