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Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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Here you can submit a chronicle. It must be a Torn City chronicle, based on the backstory of the city. All chronicles must be written as if they are on wikipedia, i.e. formal, (not informal jabber with your own opinions). They must be well written, creative and the main point: REALISTIC. Do not speak of any 'game' or 'players' or 'website' e.t.c. Torn City is a real city, in present time. If you follow how the previous chronicles are written, you should have no issues. We expect at least an hour or two writing the chronicle, the longer the better. If you are not any good with grammar, lack writing skills or have a small vocabulary, please do not bother. The chronicle needs to be creative, but still in the realms of possibility. You can either write a chronicle with a title listed below, or write your own. Once you submit your chronicle, we may modify them to be useable.

Faction warfare - What are factions, why are there so many of them? How is it realistic to have 3000 factions in one city? This was talked about briefly in 'the founding' chronicle. Factions are groups of people, originally known as gangs but given the term 'Faction' 10 years ago by news reporters.

Dirty bombs - How were they created? How did they get the materials needed to make them? What events lead up to the disaster? (All in realistic role play). Talk about factions, and their grudges, who would use a dirty bomb and why?