Browser Games

What is a Browser Game?

Browser games have long been a major staple of the internet. But for those who don’t know what a browser game is: a browser game is a type of game played in a web browser. A web browser is precisely what you are using right now. It’s Internet Explorer. It’s Firefox. It’s Google Chrome. The small games played at work to pass the time are browser games.

Browser based games in their simplest form are pretty simple to make as all you need is a little knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Java. They can be on any theme and can be of any calibre. There are a lot of great browser games out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones. There’s a massive difference between these games, but that’s also why they are so great as games like Torn allow talented, creative and passionate developers to do what they love the most. To make games.

Free to Play Browser Games

In short, the best part of a browser game, besides the experience, is the fact that most of them don’t cost any money to play. This is gaming at its finest as it’s accessible to everyone. They don’t require high-end computers or a large wallet. Torn is completely free and everybody is able to join the fun. This is probably why browser games have persisted in the face of the technological superiority of the mainstream gaming world.

Here’s a tip, even though your boss won’t like it – they are a great distraction at work. You can’t get away with playing a game on your work computer. So what better way is there to escape from the realities of the photocopier than playing a game and then quickly clicking away from it when that nasty supervisor sneaks up on you?

More importantly, they are just plain fun. Browser games can provide more entertainment, involvement and longevity than a game costing lots of money does. And fun is the most important thing when it comes to your leisure time. That’s why we have brought you Torn where you can do all of these things. Have a quick gaming fix. Escape from your boring job. Play for free. Do it now, play Torn and enter a new world. A world that you can truly enjoy.

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