Don’t fix what aint broken. Or should we?

Updates are hugely important to keep a text RPG game, the size of Torn, ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, many times in the past, players have responded to updates with “Don’t fix what aint broken”. If we followed this logic, Torn City would be a very boring place indeed. It also very much depends on your definition of ‘broken’. As the years progress, we vastly improve Torn based on player feedback and new ideas. To make Torn the world’s best browser RPG game, we’re looking at a few hefty changes in 2011. Continue reading

Torn City Community Interview with Chedburn

What gave you the Idea to come up with a text based game like Torn? What inspired you?

I had played many other text based games in the past, none of them offered what I was looking for. I worked with many game developers, and tried to get them to implement ideas which I thought would work with their games, and be successful, but I was still not satisfied. I bought a book on PHP & MySQL and set off building the best online RPG game for me personally, luckily many other people seemed to like my concepts and designs, and joined the site. I’m still building the game (now with many other developers) to continually improve it, and make it perfect in my eyes. Continue reading