Don’t fix what aint broken. Or should we?

Updates are hugely important to keep a text RPG game, the size of Torn, ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, many times in the past, players have responded to updates with “Don’t fix what aint broken”. If we followed this logic, Torn City would be a very boring place indeed. It also very much depends on your definition of ‘broken’. As the years progress, we vastly improve Torn based on player feedback and new ideas. To make Torn the world’s best browser RPG game, we’re looking at a few hefty changes in 2011. We’ve been planning them for the past year or two, and we’re almost ready to begin implementation, which will be done in several steps for each large update.

The updates and changes we make, aren’t just to make Torn more fun, they increase the longevity of the game. Unfortunately, sometimes when we try to increase longevity, players make the sacrifices. We always have the game at heart, nothing else. There are no big ‘nerfs’ planned for 2011, but they may happen! This means you could be making less money on some things, or perhaps something you use today, may not be as good tomorrow. This may affect you personally in some ways, but in the big picture, everyone is in the same ballpark. They experience exactly the same changes as you do, so in terms of fairness and competition – you’re not being ‘screwed’ out of something, everyone is – but for the good of the game. Changes are good, and necessary, in an ever evolving text-based RPG; we research deeply in to the issues and try to foresee any problems occurring.

We’re not here to make your lives harder. We’re not here just to take things away from you for our own amusement. We’re here to make the best damn RPG game around, and keep it alive and kicking for many years to come. This means keeping a tight grasp of the economy (and even deflate it if we can) and keeping game play fair. We also have to consider our new users too!

Anyway, enough of that!! Here’s what we’re planning for 2011.

Complete crimes recode.

This will include moving crimes to a completely new scalable system, which means new crime results can be added much easier – leading the way to hundreds or even thousands of new crime results designed by professional writers & authors. Unique crime results which give results past the limits of our imagination – special abilities, new items and brand new events.

We’d probably want to reorder the crimes and change the difficulty of many of them both up and down so they make more sense realistically. And of course, adding many more totally new crimes and sub crimes. It will certainly be very exciting if we go ahead with it. This would change the face of crimes, meaning users would have to relearn what they can and can’t do again – Although this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

We will also have a look at the different payouts, reducing some, increasing others. Keeping the economy under control while improving this system is a must, as I’m sure all of you understand. Eventually crimes won’t just be about making money though, we’re looking at massively building upon the whole system. Perhaps missions will require certain unique crimes to be done. Perhaps special crimes will only be available every now and then. Maybe you won’t even get money or sellable items at all for some crime results; perhaps you’ll be rewarded with honors, special useable items, special player bonuses, stat boosts, and totally unique weapons?

While this doesn’t flood your accounts with money, it will certainly make crimes so much more exciting and captivating. Receiving random events through crimes and chances of earning very rare items and whatever else we set our minds to. Our aim is to make almost every crime result unique – instead of getting the same old boring text every single time.

 Company additions.

This involves completely changing the daily payout system to be more effective and realistic, and making it much easier for directors to understand what they’re doing right or wrong.

We’re adding more things to buy for your companies, small add-ons which boost company profit. We also want to add company skill for users – Users can slowly gain skill for the company type they’re working at, they would keep this skill always, even if they change to a different company. Higher job skill would work alongside a users working stats to increase the overall company’s profit. Special company educations may also be introduced, which would also boost how much of an effect you as an employee have on a company. We’d like to make company job points follow users, so if they ever go back to a similar job, they can use the job points they received with a different company.

We’re toying with the idea of upping the maximum company rating from 5 to 10, but that will be a lot more work – thinking up 60 new and unique company specials.

We’ll also see at least two new company types being added, Architects & Contractors. But we have many ideas for more too. 

 Completely new weapons and armour system.

We’re keeping this under wraps for now but to give you a slight idea… It involves turning 135 weapons and armor in to over 335,340,000. And will certainly give you more stuff to spend your money on – including weapon attachments perhaps?

We’d also like to change the ammo system completely, to be simpler but more interesting and realistic. We could introduce realistic ammo for all guns (for example, AK-47 would have 7.62 caliber rounds). We could also have different types of ammo, for example tracer rounds, high explosive, etc. which might deal more damage, but have their own disadvantages and costs. You could buy this ammo in Torn City, but it may not always be available. You may have to travel abroad to get it, or perhaps buy it from somewhere else completely?

Join us on our journey. It’s going to be a great year in Torn City!


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36 thoughts on “Don’t fix what aint broken. Or should we?

  1. I think the updates are going to be awesome. Torn definatly needs some more diversity. It does get boring doing the same thing, day in, day out.

    Hopfully other players will see the benefits of all the updates, and not just the flaws.

    Im certainly looking forward to seeing how the game develops.

    Well done Ched + the team!

  2. This sounds fudging amazing!! Thousand of crimes, millions of weapons o__O The mind boggles! Could be the best year ever for Torn for updates if they turn out half as good as they sound here!

  3. Hello,

    I have just read, and all of the ideas sound great! Just one little thing…

    I have accumulated lots and lots of job points, but trying to spend them all would take me forever! Can you try and put a system in, where we chose how many times we can use them? This would make it simpler, and I wouldnt have to click through hundreds of times to get what I want.


  4. Wow. That sounds amazing. Im anxious for some of these new additions to be implemented! Keep up the good work.

  5. how about working on the basic jobs in the game while youre working on the companies? theyve been the same shitty jobs since 5 years ago and could use a little work as well, maybe a few new specials there as well, maybe add in a few new jobs and titles. ie… brain surgeon is as high as you can go in medical, why not add a few more high titles in there like hospital director and such. army could have an army advisor for the city (pentagon) or whatever. the other updates dont sound bad though, i especially like the idea with the weapons. just a thought about the jobs though.

  6. i appreciate what you are saying ched and everything that you are doing. but, when you change things, it generally seems to make the game more difficult. one example being: before i joined torn, the bank interest used to be a maximum of 80%. now it is just over 30%. how many old players benefited from the old system? they made their billions within a few months. whilst for players like me, it will take years. to be honest i doubt if either you or anyone else is even bothering to read this. probably wasting my time.

  7. The guys here at TC Admin Team get an awful lot of stick for changing things that players don’t like – for those that pay for donor status, I can see why you may be a bit miffed at paying for something you once liked but don’t anymore due to the changes made.

    As said here, the game is constantly evolving. Black Ops fans, you’d be bored if you were stuck with the same maps. Map packs keep it fresh and exciting, and in the case of TC all these new updates do too.

    You may not like some updates, but others will. I for one, can’t wait for the updates mentioned above. Crimes and companies sounds absolutely fantastic, weapons I’m not overly fussed on at the moment. Minor suggestion – Number values instead of a bar for the weapon stats please Ched!! I’d also like to see a possibility for owning a ‘chain’ of companies so to speak. You’re the director, and you have vice directors who run the companies in your place. 50% of the money earned goes into the companies account, and 50% into yours. Just something small..

    Anyway keep it up Ched – we’re all watching, the majority of us with hunger in our eyes.

  8. Please don’t do this any more. Too many changes are just destroying your credibility. I used to donate with real money but I won’t do that again until I see a more stable game that is not going to undo everything I have built up so far. More weapons? Why??? It’s just fluff and a total FUBAR.

  9. I must say I have been here for over 4 years and I must say Torn City has been a never-ending obstacle. With this game you adapt to change and not all of the changes have been so bad.

    For example, I flooded all my money into the Stock Market before the update and turned $400,000,000 into $4,000,000,000. The one where I messed up was Donator Packs. There is lots of users who hoarded them and when Donator Packs were decided to no longer be an item anymore people made up to 10x of their money invested if they sold them on the market a few weeks after the change it soared from $100,000,000 per Donator Pack all the way up to $300,000,000+.

    The bottom line is, you can whine and cry but if you work hard and follow the game and notice/think of what happens if this gets changed or that can I benefit from it etc you will eventually make a quick buck – Just be patient and adapt to the change you never know when you will become Rich off a small little investment

    Long live Torn City, I see more years of enjoyable gameplay to follow!

  10. If all of this comes together well it would be good.
    But if your gunna nerf stocks then PLEASE tell the community 48 hours before hand.
    You dont have to tell us how but just atleast give us time to either liquidate our cash selling to each other, or holding our stocks to hope.
    I know there is no NPC now but this would atleast give us the ability to choose, and so live with our own decisions.


    39th Street Killers

  11. I appreciate what you guys have done, and continue to do to keep the game going. Keeping it interesting seems to be a high priority for all of you. And i hope it always does. Good job folks.

  12. Very exciting. With so many new features and constant updates it’s no wonder Torn is #1 in RPG. Nice work and thank you for keeping me excited.

  13. I cant wait for these new ideas to become updates to the game. The only thing I have a problem with is that “noob bashing” was a problem with the old faction wars but when it was revamped it didn’t seem to help stop the “noob bashing” from high level factions. But everything else that you have done for the game has turned out great as far as i am concerned. Keep up the great work!

  14. very very good! but will we lose our armor and weapons??? will crime xp go down/restart????? will company pay and members lose job points?????

  15. I think you should leave it, I been playing torn for over 5 years and i’m slowly finding myself not wanting to play as much. Players are the only thing keeping Torn alive if you make too many changes and work us out of what we are use too. The older players “loyal ones” will just end up leaving then younger generation may not be as willing to stick around. “Don’t fix what aint broken”

    I found myself not buying DP due to the new layout. You maybe making money from the forceful nature of no longer providing Donator packs but at one cost to your members. The website claims 40,000 daily players. Where can we actualy check this figure ?

  16. How about you go back and fix last years upgrades before screwing up ANYTHING more. Maybe fixing the chat problem where we still quite often get message didn’t send…or fix the warring system so huge factions will actually lose respect for attacking small factions out of their size, level and respect ranges like they would in real life. Or maybe at least return peaceful status to smaller factions to give them a chance to get going. I have watched numerous of your long time loyal players leave in the last year due to poorly written and untested “upgrades”

  17. And great it is apart from the lag – which is still present ever since the game was hacked at New Year.

  18. Its great that you are always working to improve things, but all and all if you want the game to expand, you should stop locking your threads and listen to what the masses have to say. Rather than lock them and just ignore them altogether. No point in pointing anything out to staff as half of them are complete jackasses.

  19. i like these ideas a lot!

    a more varied and realistic weapons and armor system would be fantastic. i am often frustrated by the poorly worded or misinformed descriptions (im kind of a tactical gear freak), lack of customization, and the fact that different weapons that in reality use the same rounds use different rounds in-game (different 12 ga. shotguns, for example).

    in fact, i would jump at the opportunity to help with this system in exchange for points or tc cash. you’ve probably got all the staff you need, but please let me know if there’s any chance i could be of assistance.

  20. also just want to point out that the ak-47 rounds are 7.62×39… when you say 7.62 you could mean any one of several different rounds.

    really looking forward to these updates!

    sorry for the double-post. thanks for your time.

  21. can’t u give us your email or some kind of chat room so that u can speak directly to players?….there are so many things i have in mind..but i wont post in forums as forums dont have much effect on your decisions you i think its pointless i do that

  22. When I read this post in the announcements I immediately thought of the donor system. I thought “you had a VERY similar system before and everyone complained they wanted items to prevent being scammed”, This was back in the time when the points market cap didn’t matter because it wasn’t the only secure way to store money. Regardless, when I saw the actual article I got very sad. You DID change something that wasn’t broke (donor packs) into something that is broke. The most recent system at least required someone to buy a pack, which got you profit. I remember a time when you were proud for having a game that didn’t require one to pay to get that privilege. Most things in this game gloss over me. Its fun, I can log in and play it for a bit or for a while and still have fun, I never had an issue back in “the time of lag”, I just rolled with it. But lately you seem to be making updates just to make them. I see tons of suggestions in the forums for implementation but no real direction and there isn’t even a committee set up to provide an independent pulse of the player base (at least not one that I can see). Sure you have the most shiny RPG, and sure its been around for a while, but how do you even know where the community wants you to go.

    Just my observations, and my continuous rant about DPs… till next time.


  23. When all the changes were made to make things “fair,” we did not anticipate that you would make it so easy for the larger, more powerful factions to beat us up continually. Perhaps, you might consider going back to using Ranks.

  24. Torn is being edited when basicaly its just uncalled for. The new updates arent great in my opinion. You should not change it unless we citizens of torn actualy want it if you would please take the time to set up a poll in the city or the forums and inform us and get our opinions before you do it but besides that weldone on your succeses and keep up the outstanding effort you have being putting in for us.

  25. This sounds really exciting! I’m totally looking 4ward 2 alot of the changes mentioned here :) I also wanted 2 suggest maybe being able 2 take multiple doses of Morphs or 1st Aid Kits… etc. When hospitalized? It would certainly make recovery alot faster. Besides that, Thanx 4 keepin Torn a gr8 game! Keep it up!

  26. I very much like the crime and company update ideas. I can say I don’t agree with everything you have done Ched. As alot of it have made older players like myself quit. Nut I have hung in here for almost 5 years now. I do like this site is always trying to improve and when things don’t work they are changed back.
    I’d like to see the dog fights come back.
    Well thanks for everything Ched and team!


  27. Agreed with Giovanni also i would like too seee the dog fights come back i been with torn since the start and i think you guys are losing ‘your roots’…… change is good but hard to get used to but it’s my opinion

    Angelo Guzman

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