Torn City Wiki Population – A small thank you note!

Here at Torn, when we occasionally get a break from our crazy schedule we like to say thank you. We know that we don’t say it enough, and in all honestly we should be thanking you on a daily basis. It’s you guys, the players, that continue (almost 6 years on now!) to breathe life into our huge online community. Without you, it wouldn’t exist.

Earlier on in the year we opened up the official Torn city Wiki – we let you guys populate it with everything and anything that you wanted to see on the official Torn city guide. Months on and it’s now the first place to go if you’re a new player looking for some hints and tips to help guide you in your new life in Torn city.

There’s tonnes of material there – everything from information about the Torn city awards, to tips and tricks on which job to start off with in Torn, how to save and invest your money wisely, and even a little help with our very own Torn city missions!

For those of you that are new to Torn and think you need a little bit of help with Torn city, or maybe you’ve been playing for a while now and think you could add something with a little bit of your own vivazz! Head over to the Wiki page ( and check it out!

Without the help of (time for another thank you) our huge fan base and the likes of ‘Torn city Basic’ ( – Torn’s unofficial Fan site – a lot of this wouldn’t have been possible. In fact when we first opened the Torn Wiki, an awful lot of the submitted information had been pulled straight from Torn city Basic! An apt display of how accurate and valuable the information on this site has been to you! Since then we’ve had to make a few changes; reminding all of you that if you do quote (i.e steal!) information from other sites to reference it fully – it’s only fair to give the right people credit!

So keep up the great work guys! Remember to submit any little Torn city tricks you may have to the Wiki – keep the cheats to yourselves though – we don’t want these getting out! And so, after several hours of trying to think of a clever way to say this, and failing – a big thank you to all of you from your ever loving Torn team!


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21 thoughts on “Torn City Wiki Population – A small thank you note!

  1. great game peoplez.
    i have been playing for years, never getting dull for me haha.
    keep up the updates and make it fun for everyone hahah

  2. I have been playing for about 5 years, love it. It gets better and better! Thanks for the fun game and cheers to the next 5 years!

  3. So far, Torn has proven to be fun. Yet difficult, starting off weak and broke, and getting a few lucky finds and just playing the game with a business/capitalist mindset has proven to be invaluable looking back. Torn is fun, glad I found it.


  4. i have been playing this game more than 3 years…..i never feel bored about this game……it is becoming interested day by day……..i hope this changes would be there always…….and let me knowing about the new updates

  5. Torn Is one of the best games i have played although i havent been playing long (around 3 days ) i couldn’t ask for a more better game

    But Points should be given every 10 days for being loyal!

    So they’re 1
    1. not so expensive
    2. Easier bazaar’s and displaycases!

    MillionareClub! 1505761

  6. This is an anwesome game it is very fun to be on ive been playing tor for almost a year and am succeeding well thx ched for making a very well made out game!!!

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