Torn City’s Halloween Game – More than just a zombie RPG

It’s almost that time of the year again. Time to get out the fake blood packs, dress up, and knock on your next door neighbour’s door in the hope of a few sweets. This year, like you, we’re buggered if you’re after a trick though so it’s going to have to be a treat, and what a treat it is!

We guess you were probably all expecting a zombie rpg, but we didn’t want to jump on the band-wagon. We did the zombie mmorpg last year and it went down a storm. Now however “eery-one” is doing some sort of free zombie game at the moment, and we wanted to create a different online horror game. Something that everyone would enjoy. Something that would make the users think for themselves.

So, around 2 months ago we asked you if you wanted a new Halloween game within Torn City. Unfortunately this came at a cost. If we were to remake the Halloween town we had to remove all of the old ‘holiday’ items. Luckily, of the 8372 votes, 92% of you were in favour of this. So, as promised we stocked up on red-bull and only left the confines of our office to let the pizza delivery guy in. 6 weeks on, bleary eyed, and in desperate need of a shave we bring to you… drum roll please – the only Halloween rpg worth playing this autumn.

Unlike the previous years however, this isn’t just any old Halloween browser game. Previously the missions and user experience was a little drab. This year though, we’re sure you’re going to love it. With a completely new interface, and bazillions of things to do, scare, collect and maim we’re confident you’re not going to be bored playing our completely new horror rpg.

Our new gaming engine brings to you an online mmorpg like no other. It’s up to the player to decide their fate. 250 moves per day to move around the huge map should have you on the edge of your seat as you try to work out how to do each objective (Don’t worry – we’ll give you a little help. We’ll tell you now hot or cold you are).

Halloween Town 2010 - Screen Shot

Halloween Town 2010 - More than the average zombie RPG

We’ve not yet even mentioned the new items. This autumns Halloween Town brings with it a plethora of new items to collect, use, and trade. Whether you want to use them, or show off the new rare items to your friends by means of your display case, you’re going to love our new offerings.

So, today is the day. Try something different. Head down to the city to join in on the fun with Torn’s new Halloween rpg – you never know what you’ll find.


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