Q) “When RESPO is implemented, will we see large amounts of lag over the initial start up of it or will it be smooth running from the word go?”

The whole concept of RESPO is to create a smooth and fast experience on all devices; mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The end result should be a perfect experience across the entire spectrum. While RESPO looks far better and more professional than the current Torn, it should also be quicker in terms of loading speed. There’s a chance there might be a few bumps in the road right after the initial release which may increase errors or lag for the short term, but we have a huge development team now who can quickly find any problems that arise. Hopefully upon release, things will be smooth and everyone will find the site quicker to load.
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Torn Goes Responsive

Torn’s free width layout was initially created within 5 minutes, eight years ago, and was the very first thing I ever coded. I paid no attention to styles, guides or gave any thought to structure. Simply a single table with a width of 100%, I gave the sidebar 20% and the content area 80%. Even Torn’s trademark grey (#CCC) background was created during these 5 minutes. Continue reading

Dev Bashing

While we greatly appreciate constructive criticism and feedback, positive or negative – there seems to be a select few users who are desperate to find something to be upset about. They bypass all logic and facts, and come to conclusions which often completely baffle us.

These users seem to have no idea of how a simple business model works, let alone Torn’s infrastructure or development process. Yet this doesn’t stop them from making their opinion heard! Continue reading

RPG Games Server Infrastructure

Hi everyone. I’m Davz, and I am responsible for the TORN infrastructure. Managing this – and trying to eliminate problems – takes a substantial amount of my time, and as we have recently made some changes to our hardware I thought you may be interested with the infrastructure we run. This post covers the main components of our infrastructure, the primary open source software that we use and the high level design. Continue reading

The Decision to Raise the Points Market Price Ceiling to $100k

By Lt_Wolf [73234]

For the last five months I have had the opportunity of working with Chedburn to collect and analyze economic data for Torn. Of primary interest was the condition of the Points Market. Some of you may recall a thread of mine from about a year ago where I detailed how the Points Market price ceiling of $50,000 was harmful to the average player. Continue reading