Edgar Torn’s Docks: The Torn City Trading Company

Drugs, Cars and Weapons are a few of the commodities that we all expect to encounter when we take a trip down to the Torn City Docks, but have any of you wondered how they actually came into existence? No, it’s not some fabled tale of a single man and a boat…It is so much more than that, this is a story of what happened fifty years ago, this is the story of how our crime ridden city came to be so well equipped. This is the story of the Torn City Shipping Company.

Edgar Torn, descendant of the late Jeffery Torn, started a venture in his early teens where he took a loan from every banking facility in the City and threw it into the stock market all at once. The market took a collapse for the worst, but due to his standing in the invested company, Evil Ducks Candy Corp (EVL), he was offered the CEO position within the company.

Edgar then sold off most of his company, liquidized his shares and paid off the loans he took. The candy corporation took a turn for the worst and some questioned his motives, but it was during the depression that followed the stocks crash, that the people of Torn City took solace in the large consumption of candy.
Profits soared and the young teen looked to global markets, especially within the shipping trade. Due to the majority of commodities coming into Torn City via land transport from the neighbouring Cities, Edgar decided that if he was to ship goods from other countries, it would reduce the cost of trading and there would be less questions asked about the goods themselves.

It took a number of years, but soon after the success of the Candy Corporation, Edgar left the board of directors and pumped his monetary funds into the Torn City Shipping Company. Many of the city people were sceptical about the venture as it was hard to find customers for the few goods the Company yielded.

Towering cranes reached into the clouds as construction on the East side began. Crowds gathered to see a young man directing a large workforce converting the sea-side view into that of a large pier. Ships had started to come to the construct, and it was then that the range of goods shipped in expanded greatly. Many of the local officials that were on a payout from the current transport businesses objected to the docks being constructed and it wasn’t long before midnight attacks were made on the ships. Fire after fire was doused, and Edgar worked on, his enterprise was slowly getting stronger and stronger. It was simply a case of the Torn City Shipping Company becoming more resilient to the attacks thrown at it. After four years of building, the docks were finally constructed and they reached down the whole sea front. The opening was welcomed with European traders sailing into the port, and some that had anchored in wait for the grand opening.

The Docks from that day on generated more money through basic transactions than most of the Torn City Banks did. But it was not this that made the business such a success, it was some of the commodities that slipped through the officials gaze. Weaponry from Austria leaked in first and was met with great success. Soon after this more gun shops were opened and the market increased. It wasn’t long before Edgar was riddled with requests for certain miscellaneous items that couldn’t be found legally. Over the coming years, drugs, cars, weaponry and basic materials made their way into Torn City.

Fifteen years after its initial construct, the Docks underwent a model renovation as the worn timbers that lined the pier became subject to cracking. Other companies and businessmen alike took advantage of this opportunity and started investing in certain retail outlets along the pier. Warehouses were taken apart and replaced with restaurants. Vendors such as Timothy Schwarz opened pawn shops and others just like him started their own respective companies. Such places evolved and grew into separate entities that are now considered commonplace in the eastern corner. Few people remember who it was that started the Torn City Shipping Company or what started all the trade within the City.

Edgar was never a man to stay idle, and even now he awaits his next opportunity. He can usually be found roaming the docks late at night, looking for his next big break. One such break is the current Gun shop found in the eastern block, if you want to hear the story from his own lips, just ask for Big Al…

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